If they do not react fast and rework the XP gain, i will stop playing dreadnought.
I honestly see no motivation to play if i have to wait an eternity to find a match just to get a s-h-i-t-t-y reward. The main issue of this game is that you actually spend 50 % of your total playtime in queues except you play vet onslaught. I think this is keeping a lot of new players from playing/staying dreadnought.

From a veteran onslaught match (bb, no elite, 12K / 0D / 4A) i got a score of 2100 and a XP reward of 3,8k. If that was my reward as MVP in the winning team i honestly don't want to know how much players who usually do not score that high get as reward.
Considering that the queue times are that bad right now that you maybe get 2 battles in an hour (resulting in a total of ~7,6k XP / hr) i do not feel like thats still worth my time.

Just as an example, i need 6 more modules + ship research for my next T5 (Gora) , that about 270.000 XP.

With an average reward of 3,8k XP and 2 battles per hour it would take me 35,5 hours to get there. Propably longer since i would need to score above 2k every match. 35,5 hours is about as much as my TOTAL destroyer play time (2 T5, 1 T4).

Ima keep a look on the forums to see if they change something, but don't expect to see me ingame from now.

did we do it ? looks close to me

edit: nvm forgot about different time zones, thought it was already over

das spiel geht, server sind online... manchmal packt der client die anmeldung nicht, normalerweise klappts aber nach 2-3 versuchen. ansonsten liegt der fehler woanders begraben

Da mn i wish i could do that ... the 95 Million Free XP are the easy part ;D contracts gonna get tricky ^^

Will there be progression counters for the challenges? would be highly appreciated

Also what do you get if you complete the challenge by yourself ??

Really like the concept of community challenges, plz continue that

The hard cap is credits, XP can go up alot .
the highest XP i got out of a veteran match (with BB without elite) was around 16k.
Average(for me) is between 6-10k XP

So it definetly is possible and lots of players archieve that

Credits on the other hand are really hard to increase so (with BB without elite) 3,5k Credits is the max you can get in a vet battle

And yes there is something that balances players by skill. The issue is it handles a squad as a single player so if i queue as single player i usually end up getting matched against squads. How ever you can have matchmaking either fast or balanced or some sort of trade between this two. Thats what the current state is: It tries to start a match as quick as possible to keep queue times short and then distributes the players onto the teams trying to balance it out as good as possible. Works well as long as there isn't only a single squad in the match, thats what usually leads to pub stomps

how about adding a requirement to reach rank 2 or 3 ingame before you can post in the forums?
maybe that would keep those love marriage specialists from spamming the forums?

Luckily we have spam protect

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Hi Endgegner,

You need to buy the modules, researching isn't enough on PC now.
For a T5 ship you need a total of 17 bought T4 Modules, and its the same amount for every class
If you got the 17 Modules you just need to research the ship (20k XP) and then claim it.

Module costs change to the following values:

35k XP & 20k Credits

45k XP & 22k Credits

55k XP & 25k Credits

and secondary weapons

40k XP & 23k Credits

50k XP & 26k Credits

And yes, there will be a counter showing how many modules you already have

yea because that is exactly the wrong way to approach a healer.
Assuming that the koschei has all the OBs and Modules it needs for a healball, so it has adrenaline shot and retailiator aswell as energy gen, autobeams and rep pod.

So now you could just shoot everything at him, and he will be happy that someone is reducing his cooldowns. That is the real issue, the combination of access to almost infinite energy + retailiator allows you to keep your cooldowns very short.
So what to do?
[Close range]
First if you want to solo the healer, timing is everything. I don't attack him when he is full health and full energy. Wait until he is hit or low on energy or disrupt him, as it will lower his energy gain by adrenaline shot and prevent him from using energy gen. Attack from behind or the side. Don't start shooting too early.

[Long range]
Shoot them pods first. Two amped pods give you 2080 health per tick, that negates most of the incoming damage. So destroy those pods first.