Well i guess you got to seperate between your current status and how you deal with it.

What other players see is someone who is good at talking a lot but not at playing the game. That leads to a situation where it's hard to take you serious as your posts often want to change the core gameplay which you haven't fully understood yet.

My suggestion would be instead of investing time into creating alot of forum posts which often lead into nothing rather putting you time into the game and improving your skills. Instead of calling ships OP or something rather ask for tips and advice how to advance at this game. I'm sure if you ask friendly there will be plenty of people to help you.

Soweit ich weiß kannst du ja Deutsch, und das folgende kann ich vermutlich besser auf Deutsch ausdrücken:
Zunächst Gute Besserung an deinem Arm, ich hoffe du lässt ihn ab jetzt ganz
Ohne jetzt unhöflich oder respektlos sein zu wollen möchte ich jedoch anmerken, dass dieser Post und auch andere nicht unbedingt ganz unbegründet auch als Schrei nach Aufmerksamkeit aufgefasst werden könnte, und da draußen gibt es dann auch Leute die dies mit etwas weniger Empathie zu Ausdruck bringen.

Auch wenn der Mensch als soziales Lebewesen gilt, so beschränkt sich das zumeist doch auf Menschen im Bekanntenkreis während ihm die anderen Menschen weitestgehend egal sind. Soll heißen, denn leider ist das die harte Realität, niemand außer dir und vielleicht deiner Familie kümmern deine Probleme.

Ich sage das alles nicht um dich zu beleidigen, um dir einem möglichen Blickwinkel aufzuzeigen der diese Leute dazu führt, sich so zu verhalten wie sie es tun.
Kümmer dich nicht um sie es bringt dich nicht weiter.


Kreshnik is nice, but sometimes i feel like its better than the Stribog ( i haven't unlocked a lot of modules on the Stribog yet so that may change) but i feel like the Kreshniks primarys are superior to the stribogs primaries.

Well what i do know is that this game is basically a big pile of dependencies. If you change one aspect of the game, it influences much more than just one thing. For example the nerfs to Storms and Missile Salvo.
You might think its just the module getting worse, but its also a buff to the ships (mainly made tacs harder to kill) who had to deal with them.
Now you can't simply drain and storm a healer because you are very likely to die before you could get the healer.

What i am trying to say, its better to leave it as it is as doing fast and not well thought changes to the game. Most of the players in the forums don't know enough about the game to think of all the effects a certain change will have.

Well thats plain bs.
Only problem is that the matchmaking doesn't give you even teams... i wish there was a option to switch to the loosing team for balance like in Battlefield.

Tacs are not OP ... they need to be durable, they have bad dps and they are (or should be) everyones #1 target in a battle. If they go down, the rest of the team drops aswell. While Adrenaline shot could be nerfed, i gotta say that the good healballs you encounter are usually skilled players and "normal" players often end up mid scoreboard performing not very well. If you nerf Tacs, anything thats trying to tank will suffer and be outclassed by maneuverability.

Just as side note: A healer needs to heal to stay alive ... but i guess you are one of the players who shoot at the big dreadnought next to it. If your team would focus fire on nothing but the healers, they will drop. Also in the case of healers burst damage > damage over time.

About earning more XP, while yes they do get more XP they don't progress faster as there is no difference if you have a score of 1000 or 5000 you still get about the same amount of credits. So it bottlenecks at the credit section and you would need to buy GP to make use of the "extra XP".

That beeing said though, well organized squads don't mean they win the game. I had battles against clans on a random team and we worked just as good as a team as the enemy while we had no VOIP. Just everyone knew what to do.

But i guess i can't change your mind, its the others fault that you are bad, so keep on running away and don't improve your gameplay. Instead of crying about tacs beeing OP Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ... if you can't do that try to be that "OP healer" yourself. Then we can talk again.

Known bug, happens from time to time

usually they disappear while splitting up

Matchmaking handles a squad as one player, thats an issue that should be adressed

But also i can see the enemy team was trying to tank that battle (dreads and destroyers) which isn't a good idea if you got no healers so its not only the squads fault that they lost

I really can't see limitations/caps to ship classes as a useful option as it kills a lot of diversity.

I think it would be rather important to put some love into the tutorial and first battles explaining the different roles of ships and game dynamics. Right now you get some basic controls and thats about it.
Players should learn how the different ships work and their strengths and weaknesses, for example what their primary weapons are good at (for example vindicta is great for hitting moving targets) and what their heals pool and energy usage & modifiers make them suitable for. Would be nice to see ingame that power to weapons with an Aion amplifies your weapons by 100 % and with a Koschei only by 55% [not sure if these are the correct values] and same for power to shields and power to engines.

That 1k less range did hurt alot

Lol who of us is having a bad day and insulting others Vasiliy?

Thanks for your advice how i should live my life. Didn't ask for it so thank you but next time don't answer and keep your opinion to yourself.

While i admit my answer wasn't the friendliest possible answer, atleast i contributed something useful to the topic.

He got it dew to the devs fucc up ... i mean if its ps4 exclusive why was it even in the pc game files???
It's not that i haven't understood that it is ps4 exclusive, but just taking it away from him with no compensation is just wrong in my eyes.

I mean these are cosmetic parts, if i would be in the devs position i would apologize to him for the inconvinience, he wasn't supposed to get this and give him compensation
Or even easier, just leave him the ship parts, because the effort doesn't match the benefits (i can't really see any)