the whole count your reward expieriment-part is unneccessary. Straight to the topic:

Rewards for Recruit and Vet Battles are fine. Only Legendary could use adjustment to the credit multiplier ( T5 modules cost more Credits then XP so that would be fair i think).

I see the issue in the combination of long queue times and short battles, 1 hour of ingame time takes 1 and a half to 2 hours in real time because you spent a lot of time idle at the hangar in a queue. Even more punishing is the battle bonus cooldown, which actually keeps you from playing taking into consideration that you don't get your free BBs as soon as you start buying battle bonus.

My suggestion to shorten the idle times in the hangar would be to just remove the battle bonus cooldown at all [just to clarify i mean the battle bonus multipliers basically count every battle], whoever thought of cooldowns between matches : it is a terrible idea .

If on top of that the credit reward for legendary gets increased that might be a motivation for more players to queue for legendary resulting in shorter queue times.

At the end its all down to the devs and their economical plans, but i'd rather have players who enjoy the game and thats why they buy stuff than players who buy stuff to be able to enjoy the game.

If this is only adressed to certain people, then this doesn't belong in the forum.

the only reason to play jutland is to get the monarch, its primarys get one of the biggest DPS increases in the game

If you can't beat it, copy it:
Try to get 3 healers on your team. now both teams teams are healed equally either it gets static as [censored] or the better team breaks the ball.

Why ? Buying a ship doesn't mean you know how to steer it
A day one player in a legendary or good vet match is very likely to get stomped, regardless of ship class or loadout. But i don't mind if players want to buy their way up as long as the battles are fun and the queue times short.

Same for repair drone, assault thruster, tractor beam ....

Well thats why i am not buying one (maybe the Orion, it has a pretty common loadout).
But i wish you would get a little more than just fancy looks for 4000 GP.

Btw i'm done with the doable part, got all t4 ships and a few t5's

Well i think hero ships should have more unconventional loadouts like the Leviathan with assault thrust, which is pretty uncommon (actually i never saw assault thrust being used before the ship came out).
But playing the Leviathan itself is putting you at a disadvantage against other ships in its current state.
I really can't see its current loadout be somewhat near useful

The argument of being pay 2 win is a very stupid one, but if the devs want to listen to players which are about as smart as Melville Blanco and propably won't ever buy anything and quit the game after they notice they keep being wrecked, than you destroy your own game step by step. Hero Ships should be just as strong as other ships, not worse.

So heres my point of view: I would like to spend money on the game, my only issue is how without wasting it (yeah i know technically its always wasted but who cares) Hero Ships? Only get cosmetics, ship is shieeet, so i can't use it for getting free XP. Elite Status? My semester starts next week so i won't have a lot of time to play and buying elite to maybe use 1/24 hours is not what i would call efficient.

Whats currently happening is that they are trying to sell us useless but cool looking ships. does it work? maybe. will i support this? nope.

Have you bought (not researched) enough modules ?
Sometimes it still shows claim even tho it already gave you the ship but it missed give you feedback (.... successfully claimed)

Why do hero ships have mediocre loadouts eg. Loadouts and OBs that don't seem to fit into their playstyle?

For example the Leviathan - looks gorgeous, but it's loadout just isn't fitting ... especially for close range combat.
First of all, i like the assault thrusters on the ship. Repeaters IV and Ballistic Broadside are fine aswell.
But how are triad pods and stasis pulse useful for this playstyle ?
Short range missiles would've been much more useful - like flechettes or light missiles.

Where is the point of a stasis module on this ship? it's already fast as he.ll, so your targets propably can't get away from you anyways.
Considering that the Leviathan is a Dreadnought and very big target i would've chosen Armorbooster Pulse, since the Officer Briefings aren't chosen wisely aswell. This ship has nothing to increase its damage resistance, only shields but no way to gain additional energy, but you burn trough your energy if you use engine rigger you don't have much energy for your shields left ( so retailiator is almost useless).

If i could see the leviathans loadout being actually useful so i can play the ship, i would've already bought it. But in its current state the only motivation to buy this ship are the cosmetics...

Just 4 fun, here's a loadout that i would have chosen on the Leviathan

Secondary: Repeater Turrets IV

Primary Module: Ballistic Broadside IV

Secondary Module: Light Missiles IV

Perimeter Module: Armorbooster Pulse IV

Internal Module: Assault Thrusters IV

Officer Briefings: Retailiator/ Feedback Loop; Destruction Cascade; Engine Rigger; Get my Good Side

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