Don't understand why this got removed. Seems like they really want to rename their game to deadnought in the future. Not being generous to your players (e.g. the guys who pay your bills) is a good step if you want to pay your bills yourself.

I see the same mistakes happening over and over and over again ... too many great games died because someone was thinking OH i studied economics i'm a smart a.s.s. and get us more profit ... or slowly bankrupt. Please stop doing the exact same thing here.

Its already faster than the medusa. Considering that it has by far more range than a corvette there is no speedbuff needed.

If you want it to be faster consider/try out one of the following setups:

Thrust Amplifier [Good for rams]

Thrust Amplifier + Engine Rigger [Good for rams, requires better energy management]

Energy Generator + Engine Rigger [Universal Setup]

Evasive Maneuver + Engine Rigger [Strave build, requires good energy management, counters stasis]

Evasive Maneuver + Navigation 101 [Strave build, counters stasis]

Don't complain about stuff you don't understand.
I dunno what kind of drugs you may have taken, but the Vindicta and Brutus speed is just fine.

The heavy corvette turns like a rock and does only fire in one direction, while the medusa-line has a 360° firing angle. thats why is is slower than the other vettes.

Just because i'm curious, are you 14 years old or are you just living in your own bubble?

Well if your life sucks that hard that you need to have macros to have fun & be good at this game, feel free to do so.

I don't need that to win.

Every purchased module or secondary weapon counts as "tech".
It's not the case that there are modules which don't get you +1 tech.

Note: Officer Briefings do not count as tech

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-215061) said:

I do not think the high stacking is a balance issue, it is more a problem of inexperienced and unequipped against experienced and well equipped. My T5 double armor Zmey with two Okhtas at its back got once focus fired down by the enemy team, so you can counter it, but the philosophy of DN is that you are forced to run a certain counter loadout/s, this idea is something many people dislike, but its the core of DNs design and balance.

Fully agree on this one. well said.

As far as i know it is intended. Module descriptions and stats often don't provide useful information sadlywise.

Naw you haven't got a T4 yet .... T1-3 is acutally only to find into the game, at T4 all ships play out like they were supposed to be and have access to all modules of their class (except secondary weapons).

You still can do very well in a T3, the only thing you really need are the right Officer Briefings for that ship.
Let me tell you there is nothing that is hilariously OP, there is a counter to pretty much every tactic (if you have it unlocked) (OBs should be moved to T3 to make T3 not as hard as it currently is)

Of course you as a newbie have little chance of standing against an expierienced player in for example a corvette. One one side sure their ship is superior to yours, but also they have played a lot more and know exactly what to do.

Scramblers are usually used by ramming ships ... if you get scrambled put your shields up and move up and down to make a harder target. Continue Shooting you still will get damage indicators.

So most of your issues come from a lack of expierience and will disappear over time. The only point i fully agree on is about XP to Free XP ... the conversion rate is hilarious ... i lately checked it out of intrest and to convert all my XP it would take 12k Greybox Points ... i'm sorry to tell ya but i'm never going to do that.

Daily contracts need some love !
Like the ideas for the loot pool

Depending on the worth of the reward missions should have different difficulties - for example if you get the Ultra Rare Chance for Cosmetic or Hero Ship the mission is way harder than a mission where you would get XP/ Credits

and deactivate Team Elimination Contracts !

Well then your rewards are this little because you don't do what you are supposed to do.
I have started squadding with others at rank 50, never before and most times without voicechat.
Neither i have elite nor am i buying battle bonuses (because you loose your "free BB").

Ribbons aren't reserved for squad players, thats one of the most stupid things i have ever heard.

Most of the time a am a solo player just like you, but i have a average score of 1.164 and get about 5-7k XP in Vet battles and 10-12k XP in Leg battles. That looks fine to me.

If you would have spend the same time you used to create absolutely useless forum posts and instead played the game and understood the tactics and roles you are supposed to play, then you propably wouldn't be this bad at this game.

"I am shooting the enemies, I am killing them, I am healing others like hełł. "
Well this game is a little more then just shooting at enemies ... you need proper positioning and energy management aswell. Picking the right ship for the right situation. Awareness of your environment ... just to mention some points.

I have seen you in battles, you weren't doing well. Thats definetly not the games fault. Stop blaming the game for your issues. Sure the game has its issues, but you don't need elite, squads or always healers to cover your back. All it takes is time, situational awareness and a little bit of skill.

You can record one of your rounds, i will tell you what you did wrong and why.