Indeed ... a good way to start off fixing this is by giving ships standard loadouts that fit their playstyle so the start into a new tier (especially T4) is not as hard as it currently is. Atm you get thrown into cold water until you find out whats the supposed role for the ship

if it is spam protection it needs a rework. because if i write a text with 10.000 characters and have 7 zeroes in it it still gets me a 404

also shouldn't it say something else than the current error message?
whats the point of a spam protection that is only triggered by such basic events?

I wasn't quoting anything, check yourself its the suggestion to rework credit gain in the forum concepts >> changes in earnings

Just tried it again this 404 was caused by the number 0, or to be more precise multiple 0s (just checked it out, 6 is maximum, at 7 zeroes it gives me a 404)

Also editing a post and changing it to more than 7 zeroes results in the post not getting displayed anymore, while the counter of my total post still counts them.

There is a very annoying bug in the forum, if you want to submit a post to a topic it says

Page Not Found

System error 404

Adjust boosters and

reroute to previous course.


I am not entirely sure what causes this, but i just encountered this while creating a post and when i removed the number 0 and replaced it with k to show i mean thousands, it submitted without issues.

Anyone else had that? Is this a known bug? Any plans on fixing this?

Fully agree with Foo Jub here.

Those people who complain i rarely meet ingame and if i do, they often are at the lower end of the scoreboard ...

All it takes to get a healball down is one player who has the right Module Setup and who knows what he is doing. Or well, a full team of players who don't know, who continuously shoot at a shielded healer with retailiator to get him his modules back and it takes the whole round to not get him down.

To be honest, i think the healer nerf will hurt the newer players more than the expierienced players, because stuff like energy management or good timing become much more important. I expect the pub stomps to get worse instead of better.

@Kurt_Hustle ... thought about that too ... it got to have a very intuitive and fast way to mute a certain player otherwise you are right and most players will turn it off.

@Tyrel YUP ... i can't wait to see those players cry afterwards because they just get shreddered by squads because there is noone willing to heal them.

WyvernsArentDragons#5219 posted (#post-216006) said:

Is an in game voice chat anywhere in the plan for DN development? If it's pretty widely accepted that teamwork can break heal b@lls, maybe giving players more options to communicate and coordinate would work instead of changing the game balance. This would also give a squad of randoms more of a chance against a high ranking and coordinated premade squad.

Highly agree on this one.

Well how about buffing the other modules instead?

I think a nerf would rather encourage players to quit, because this + the upcoming healer nerf would make a dreadnought very challenging to play

Ich halt da nicht viel von. Klar gibts Leute, die meinen man könnte das ja auch von Hand machen und von daher ist das egal, aber dann könnte man ja auch sagen, ich könnte zwar auch von Hand zielen aber mein Aimbot macht das besser.

Wers echt so hart nötig hat um auch mal was auf die Kladde zu kriegen, soller halt machen bis ihn DN dann hoffentlich irgendwann bannt.

Don't play the moral crusader vasiliy. You thought i insulted him so you insult me ?!

I'm not saying that what i said was overly friendly , but it definetly wasn't an insult.
Here in Germany we have a saying, "Hast du was genommen?" or "Was hast du denn genommen?" if someone says or does something strange. I'm sorry for translating that almost 1:1 to english, in case it has a worse meaning in english (or is it just because drugs do trigger you?)

You were speculating about me and what you said definetly was meant as insult, and thats what you want to criticize me for and tell me to mind my words? i really can't take you serious, there is a difference between beeing critic and your answer.

Now to the topic:
The Vindicta is very light so i think is speed is fine, as the vindicta stuggles with fighting dreads and destroyers.
The Medusa could need a speed buff, but because its that base speed is that slow Thrust Amp cannot boost that much. I'd rather recommend Target Blink Warp works much better, you have to have a target but since corvettes dominate onslaught just warp onto assault ships to escape (not sure if fighters work).