Vous avez toujours ce problème où le launcher FR ne marche pas ?


Vérifiez que vous n'avez pas besoin de valider votre email (parfois dans les Spams), si ça ne règle pas le problème contactez le service client.


If you follow our Facebook page you can get regular updates about the status of the PS4 servers:

Long story short, patch is available to download, and we're hoping for the servers to be back online later on today.

Vu l'afflux des joueurs la majorité de la comm se fait sur les réseaux sociaux et les forums Steam. Donc déjà commencer par regarder là bas.

Et en ce moment les devs ne cherchent qu'à corriger les problèmes de connexion, c'est la priorité. Ensuite ils s'occuperont de l'interface et des retours qu'on a eu.


Now that we're deployed on Steam, we're actively fixing critical bugs for the build to be stable enough to be released on PS4. Keep an eye on our social platforms, we'll make an announcement there as soon as we have a date to communicate for the return of the PS4 servers.


That's a bug for some returning players, we're tracking it down and hoping to have a fix for you guys soon.

We're going into a 1 hour maintenance in order to fix this. Stay tuned!

At the moment, if you've used one of our special keys to access the Pre-release of the game, once you hit the Play button the launcher shows up asking you either to link your Greybox account or to create one. That's where you'll need to do the magic.

Again, that'll only happen if you managed to grab a key for the pre-release/testing phase we are now, or once we're fully live.

Starting migration before disabling servers would have required extra servers on the side running so you guys can still play but knowing all progression wouldn't be remembered since migration would have already started.

So we did a proper, turn off, move data to new server/back-end etc, turn on.

Welcome back btw. : )

I can see the train of thoughts where Steam => new player => inexperienced player not playing tactical. Though, because there's a progression system, they will all start in recruit fleet and will learn the ropes like we all did.
Don't wanna play with new players or take the risk of meeting inexperienced ones? Just stick to Veteran and Legendary.

Also, as before GPs will be used to buy cosmetics, hero ships, Elite status, Credits and XP conversion. Prices won't change, we give a share to Steam, but that doesn't impact the prices on your side.