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Pour rappel, les Corvettes sont les rogues du jeu. Elles sont fragiles, vulnérables mais sont extrèmements dangereuses. Les destroyers sont des guerriers, dégâts et résistances combinés.

Donc oui, une Corvette aura un meilleur burst forcément, après si tu la vois arriver tu peux la détruire avant même qu'elle ne t'atteigne, qu'un destroyer sera plus difficile à arrêter dans sa course.

Et oui, un rogue peut tuer un tank. C'est clairement pas sa cible de prédilection, mais si le tank ne fait pas attention, lui tourne le dos et ne réagit pas, un rogue pourra le tuer.

Disruptors will do wonder there. Or you get 1 of those 4 destroyers to ram, shields won't save him.


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Hey there.

I actually like the idea of using different sounds based on the manufacturer or perhaps even ships. Not sure it's feasible right now as it would require more work to separate/work on new sounds but I'll definitely share the feedback internally.

Hey AncienCalling,

If you hold the "E" key on your keyboard you'll access the Energy wheel, this is where you can divert energy to either get a move boost, main weapons firing faster, or raising shields to take less damage in most situations. You can also do this using quick bindings F1, F2 and F3.

That's most likely the kind of shield you saw Destroyers use.

Thanks for that! It's awesome to have such precise video shooting. I'll make sure to pass it to QA!

And our winner is Decal number 3!


Thanks to all who participated in the event and helped us create this awesome decal!

Once our art team makes some finishing touches, we’ll get back to you with the final decal, along with its name and backstory.

Stay tuned!