Bonjour à vous 2,

Je viens de revérifier et tout semble normal de notre côté. Vu l'heure à laquelle vous avez posté ça a sûrement déjà été fait mais, pensez à redémarrer votre ordinateur et réessayer. (Pour l'icone grise vérifiez bien que le téléchargement est terminée et à 100%)

Si ça ne marche toujours pas vous pouvez contacter le Support directement.

Salut à tous,

Il peut arriver que lorsque vous jouez vous découvriez des erreurs de traductions, ou simplement vous ayez le sentiment que le terme Francais ne soit pas le plus adapté.

Dans ce cas, manifestez-vous ! Utilisez-ce post pour reporter ces situations, avec screenshots si possible et une brève explication quand vous pensez qu'un terme est faux, si vous avez des suggestions allez-y.

I'm lurking around, and this will be added as another example of the global feedback regarding Adrenaline Shot.

But on a global scale, good points have been raised as, playstyle is the major aspect, and changing one module also has side consequences, such as the use of a ship itself and more. This is not something easy to do, balancing has always been a pain for all game developper around the world.

We will be bringing down the PC game servers this Monday, March 26th from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CDT to work on some issues.

Check this time in your local timezone here!

Hello there,

We had a small issue with this 2 days ago, if as of today you still haven't received your stuff just reach out to our Customer Support Team with your proof of purchase.

Hey people,

I think there's a large agreement that contracts could be improved in the game, either by offering better rewards, or something different than credits.

I believe that somewhere further down the road.

Have you guys tried to reach out to support already? This had been fixed months ago, so if it's back they will be the one to give you some quick fix to try and if needed to report it as officialy back for QA to investigate.

To my knowledge everything is up and running. Can still try to clear your DNS if you know how, otherwise I'd just advise you to reach out to support directly.

Ah you're talking about PS4! Thought you meant PC. On PC they're right below one another, and since the dependancies are gone it doesn't matter so much anyway. This should come to PS4 with the Super Update combining content of 1.9.5 - 1.10 and 1.11.

Few details here:


Can you post a screenshot? I checked English and French version of the game, and Weapon Amplifier V is right below Weapon Amplifier IV.