Hi Cipher_73,

I reached out to the Customer Support Team showing them the video, and they would need you to contact them directly so they can investigate, and if needed register this as a new bug or something.

You can do that from there:

Bienvenue à toi, je laisse les équipes le soin de te contacter. Mais en attendant si tu cherches un Discord, il y a celui de la Communauté globale :

On a un chat "French" spécifique.


Did you try to repair your game from the launcher? (Wrench icon)

If so, can you send us a quick screenshot to see what it looks like?

Also called "Stream Stalking".

When we did the first German Live Stream on Twitch 2 weeks ago, some players were teaming up and were trying to queue at the same time to match with DN_Timo and DN_Hardy. Can't really blame them, at some point if you're trying to play against "competitive" you try to play in a team against a team.

It being because you found some new players you can win against and farm XP, or because you're looking for challenges, that's always been how matchmaking worked, you try to get as much luck as possible on your side to match their teams.

Usually taking 5 min off is the best way to get matched against other people as their team will be in-game already.

Hi Deepnausea,

Unfortunately at the moment it's not possible to Gift GP or market items yourself, as "there are no Gifting option in the market at the moment", could come in the future, we do get players asking about it from time to time.

But since you're talking about your Twitch channel, figured you could give a shot at our Dreadnought Partner Program. This is handled by our specialist PenguinRage. Among other things, perks of being a Partner are Giveaway items for your community.


Désolé je n'avais pas vu ton message, probablement passé inaperçu durant le break de Noël. Mais oui comme on t'a répondu, il n'y aura plus de resets. Tout ce que tu as déjà acheté est à toi de façon définitive.

Hi Psyduck,

As it was mentioned in the last Community Update (and also confirmed on Facebook, not sure where you got your picture ), the compensation is for BOTH PC and PS4 players.

What's bound to the PC maintenance is the distribution of those rewards, but they'll be given to players on both platform. (As long as you did login between the 15th and 22nd of January)

Si en plus de vous agrandir vous vous découvrez des talents de Streamer, on cherche des FR. ^^

Yup. That's for PC AND PS4. Distribution will be done at the same time.

Hi, tomorrow's maintenance is only a server/backend thing. No new content will be pushed.
Once we have a date set regarding our future "content patch/update" we'll make sure to announce it on the forum and social media.