As it has been said in the last multiple Community Update, parity is coming as that's what we're aiming for and are close to it.
I also like to always remind people that the team working on the parity "aspect" of the game for both platform is completely different than the one creating new features or game mode such as the Custom Matches.

Finally, I said that we have no information about the release date as "No information to communicate". Off course we have a rough schedule, but nothing certain enough that we'd feel comfortable announcing. Once we are, I can assure you, you'll see it posted in numerous places.

Salut à tous,

Nous sommes en train de faire des tests concernant le contenu du marché, catalogues d'hiver, de printemps, retour de certains objets pour un temps limité etc.

Alors si vous avez des suggestions, des objets que vous voudriez voir revenir sur le marché (pour vaisseau ou pour votre capitaine), n'hésitez pas à poster sur le forum.

Hey there,

In the last Community Update we mentioned that the next PS4 update will be the sum up of 3 PC patches. So it's going to be huge, tech tree changes should definitely be part of it. (No information as to when it'll be released for now)

But yes, for a short answer, what you see on PC will come to PS4 eventually.


On réalise qu'il y a un effet de mur autour des T3. C'est dans la ligne de mire des devs pour réussir à trouver un meilleur système sur le long terme pour éviter ce changement trop brutal durant la progression.

Please do not see it as a pointed finger, nor a blaim. Because it is not.

If anything, I get that you guys are frustrated over the feedbacks some of you have been sharing for months, some are being listened to, some not, in the end what matters is what is brought into the game and in that regard you can never please everybody, but you can sometime please most of them.

The whole point of my message is to tell you that yes, I read all of your feedbacks and they get sent to the right people. That is all I can do and will keep doing. The history or the age of a feedback helps me emphasize how important it is, because there are so many criteria to take in consideration. (New players? Old players? Tier level? Frustration built over the last few patches?)

We, as a team, listen and I can assure you at 200% that a day doesn't pass without me adding a new feedback to my daily report. I can be guilty of not spamming each topic of a "Thanks for that, I'll add it to my report" but I do.

You might doubt some changes will happen based on what you sent, you might expect some changes to happen even if you disagreed with them, but please do not doubt that we don't gather and share all of your stuff.

TLDR CM Style: Keep sharing feedbacks, keep talking, keep voicing your concerns, we know that you care about the game, and we're listening. Acting and changing the game isn't based on our (The CM team) decisions, but what we can do, we're definitely doing it. Listening, forwarding, sharing and being your voice as much as we can.

It's more a matter of how "shared" a feedback is. Especially if you browse the forum you can see that, except in the official Feedback post bound to a specific patch, we don't get some much feedbacks.

And in itself, I like to gather as much as possible, always handy to see an evolution, pros and cons, or simply the "history" of a feedback, as something could be minor but been reported for a long time.

Woah. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Belial, KrustyLow, Landro, you too ; you all brought up your opinions and suggestions about the topic.

Belial and Hell_Rabbit seems to have a personal argument yeah. It's my job to bypass it and take what's relevant from the topic.

Just like it is to bypass the grudge you'd have either with me or with Belial to take in consideration any relevant feedback and opinion you shared.

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedbacks guys. I've added differents some of your ideas and suggestions to our communication to the dev team.


I can understand the problem yeah, the reticule changing colors does help in that regard, but still. I'll put that in the feedback report.

Hello there,

We've already reported this, it seems to only be related to Heavy Corvettes. Hopefully this will be fixed in a next update.

But thanks for the report, keep them coming!