Hey ! Bonne question ça !

J'ai demandé à un lead dev, il est presque sûr que tout ce qui est nécessaire est de renforcer vos armes juste avant d'utiliser le module pour lancer le nuke. Pas besoin de le maintenir.

Il était pratiquement sûr, il doit revenir vers moi pour me confirmer. smile

Hey everyone! Here's our latest Developer Interview! This time, it features Sergey, the Head of Design from Yager.

Sergey, Head of Design at Yager

1: What’s your job at Yager?

I'm the head of Design, so I'm responsible for all designers within the company. (Narrative design, Game Design, etc)

It doesn't mean I tell people what to do, I'm here to coordinate our works and be available for all departments. Sometimes some require more attention than others. I also work with Community feedback, all kind of stuff. I'm a "Designer Coordinator"!

2: Where are you from?

I'm from Russia, born and raised in Moscow.

3: Please describe your way into the games industry.

As most people who wanted to join the industry I started as a volunteer moderator in a project based on a famous Russian IP "Night watch". We had a browser-made MMORPG based on the books. The academic way wasn't really working for me, so when the project grew and they offered me a job, I joined to work as full time, then moved to another project. But it all started by some free involvement.

4: What do you like about working in the games industry?

I think the most important part is that the "interactive" part of what we do, like when you play it's not just a world is given to you and you have to deal with it, you have the opportunity to shape it, to play it, to destroy it if you wish. I feel that this is the industry where dreams come alive, where you can immerse people much more intensively than any other entertainment industry. For myself, I like to make people laugh, so what's the best place than an entertainment industry.

5: What don’t you like about working in the games industry?

It's not that I don't like some things, it's just I would prefer the industry to sometimes take another road. For instance, when you work on a huge project with a lot of money and people involved, expecting massive sales and many players, well, there is a lot of competition. That usually means very little diversity. Often, lots of things are going under the radar because it's hard to draw attention to them. I'm happy that with Dreadnought the game is only getting more and more attention from the players.

6: What was the first game you ever played?

I think the first game I've ever played was "Space Quest 1”. It was this huge notebook my father brought from work, I was 7 years old so I only knew a couple of English words and I didn't understand what was happening. My father was translating it for me. One time we were stuck where you have to go to the drop pod and we didn't know what to do, and my father asked his colleagues at work what we were supposed to do and they told him that you had to issue a command to fasten the seatbelt. We had never heard this word "fasten" before so it felt very strange and fun for us.

7: What’s your most favorites game of all time?

The first game that made a very big impression to me was "Dune 2", it was the first game I managed to finish, it was a big accomplishment for me. It was also the first proper Real Time Strategy game.

8: What was the most amazing project that you have been working on until Dreadnought?

I feel very lucky because I've moved from project to project, I've never disliked any project. I might sound idealistic, but my favorite project is Dreadnought. I've spent as much time on Dreadnought during my free time as I've spent on my first project related to "Night watch day watch". The first one is like a first love, but Dreadnought currently occupies all my thoughts.

9: What are you working on right now?

Well, as I said I'm responsible for the quality department, so right now we're trying to put more emphasis on narratives and balancing. I'm making sure we're more responsive to players' feedback. Like the Battle Bonus for instance, we heard the community and worked on it. We are also working on our process to make things happen sooner and get our team to work on them faster. If we manage to reach a point where with every update the game gets corrected, and upgraded; then I will have reached my goals.

10: Do you have any advice for anyone that is willing to launch a career in the games industry?

If you really want to just try, there are lots of opportunities here and there. Like QA, Community Manager. One thing though is that for people who haven't worked in it before, you're probably wrong about everything. But once you've joined, and after a period of time where all your "dreams and concepts have been shattered to pieces", then you'll be able to decide if you that is something you like and if you want to stick to it. No matter the industry, if you really like it you should try to join it as soon as possible and see behind the curtain, because you'll either be inspired and then you'll find a way to get in, or you'll be disillusioned and you'll understand it's actually not for you.

Thanks again for your time Sergey! We appreciate it!

Hey LCH Evhans, vérifie que tu n'as pas de caractères spéciaux dans ton texte, et au besoin poke moi sur Discord. Je devrais avoir une manip pour t'aider à créer ton topic. (Au cas où vérifie aussi qu'il n'est pas trop long, essaye de le couper en 2, ou juste mettre le titre et une phrase pour créer le "topic", et ensuite tu edits en rajoutant ton contenu)

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Hello fellow Captains,

My name is DN_Tytyes (As it always amuses English speakers, there will be a quick story about this nickname later….) and I am joining the crew to help as the new French Community Manager.

As a Gamer I have played video game for as far as I can remember. My first interaction with space shooter kind of games was probably Star Fox on Snes (Obviously, I tried a bit of Space Invaders here and there before).

About me, I joined Blizzard Entertainment in Ireland to become a Game Master for World of Warcraft almost 10 years ago. After few years I decided to go back to France and started working on small but amazing projects that allowed me to discover inside most department you’d need to develop a game (Localization, QA, marketing, etc).

After that I went back to Ireland to work for EA handling different titles and different projects, mostly for the French Community. Last year I moved to Amsterdam to join the Black Desert Online team as the French CM, it was a blast and I truly enjoyed being so close to my Community.

And today I’m here, I just arrived in Berlin, still looking for a more permanent place to live in. I’m truly excited to be here for the birth of the French Community.

The French part of the forum is already live, so if you’re not afraid of a bit of French, please come say “Hi”.

Thank you for reading and "see you among the stars".

(And for the short story : It all started when a friend asked me to join him on a Lineage 2 server, because it was an RP server we had to create our character and its story on the forum, and only if it was approved by the admin would we get access to the server. I created my character and named him Tyral. Believe me or not, it wasn’t related at all to some famous Archangel some of you may know from a famous game. Moving along to WoW, I had a very bad GPU and wasn’t able to take part into raid and such so I created different character and played all classes instead. At some point I ran out of nicknames and decided to go for something easy. Tyral=> Tyty => Tytye => Tytyes.)

Il y avait des récompenses pour certaines phases Alpha/ClosedBeta sur PC en effet, elles ont duré assez longtemps.

Pour la CBT PS4 aucune récompense n'avait été annoncée, en revanche l'Open Beta sur PS4 vous permet d'avoir le vaisseau héros le Hactar gratuitement. Vous pourrez l'acheter via le PS Store pour 0€.

Bonjour à tous !

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