No need for this, and I can't get rid of it. I may add something here eventually.

I like how the team elimination mode has the twist of fighters, giving players the ability to come back and fight even after they are dead. That being said, I have never had and fighter-fighter combat, which has disappointed me.

This mode is simple enough. One player per team is randomly selected to become a flagship, and everyone else is in a fighter. Flagship players can choose their loadout, and use that in the match, while the rest of the team plays as fighters and has to destroy the hostile flagship while protecting their own.

The glaring issue with this is that players may need to play dozens of games to be selected as flagship, and then they might be unlucky enough to be put up against someone with far more skill. That made me think of a mode where each team has 5 flagship lives, and once a flagship is down, that team looses one of their lives, a different player is chosen to spawn as the flagship. Each player gets one run as flagship per rotation (explained later) and once selected, they are excluded from flagship selection until the next rotation. (explained later) That applies to both sides every death. For example, one player is killed as a flagship. The opponent player as flagship is also kicked into a fighter and a different player is selected, but their team does not loose a life. That ensures that if one player is stupidly good, they will only go once in a rotation, giving the opposing team a better chance at a comeback. Players also will have a chance at rejecting a flagship selection, which removes them from that selection. Players can deny selection even if they are last in that rotation, which then has the selection from those who were already flagships.

Rotations are cycles of 5 flagship selections, as each team has 5 players. This is because the life total is 10, with each team having 5. If the match were to go in an order like this, Team 1 gets a kill, then again, and again, and again, and then team 2 gets a kill. That totals 5 selections, and each player has played as a flagship, but there are still lives remaining. This is when the rotation occurs, and resets players who have gone as flagship, allowing them to be selected again, letting the game carry on to solve the issue of team 2 having one life, and team 1 having 4, then having team 1 make a comeback. That would total each player having 2 rounds as flagship, with only one player per team having one round.

Next is what players will fly as a flagship. Some ships would be unfair to use, and some would be stupidly useless. Corvettes would be unfair as they could outrun hostile fighters and flatten the enemy flagship in seconds, Artillery would be unfair as it could nuke the hostile flagship before it was in any danger, and Tac-Cruisers just would not work. That would leave only Dreadnoughts and Destroyers. They have enough armor to let them survive well, and they are not too fast. Secondary weapons would always be flak for fighter defense, but maybe modified for longer range, better accuracy, smart detonation, (detonation on detection of hostiles in a certain radius) and larger blasts. Some other weapons like Dreadnought nuclear weapons and fighter bays also would not work well, and I think should not be options for the loadout. Destroyer Plasma Rams and nuclear weapons would also not be the best, and again banned. That would leave two big ships that can take damage, and are pretty well rounded (in my opinion) for this mode.

On to the fighters!

It is simple. The same fighters as used in elimination mode, but are what players usually use. The thing is, fighter combat will need some improvements, but that will let the combat be faster and more effective. Players will need to set up their team composition properly to defend their flagship from hostile fighters, and to get their bombers to the hostile flagship. If played smart, they can hit the hostile flagship effectively, but if they play dumb, their flagship can be more easily taken down. That would have players need to think on their feet to intercept hostile craft, and be able to attack the hostile flagship. The position of the flagship and the path the fighters take would be important, and if a flagship player is smart, he can use his flak at the right time to down hostile bombers, or he could pay too much attention to fighters, leaving himself open to the hostile flagship. Missile defense craft could stop the heavier missiles from flagships, support fighters could help repair the friendly flagship, but both of them would not be the best against fighter craft with missiles, or the best at stopping bombers from making their runs. That forces coordination and tactical thinking, and overall will increase player skill at playing smart.

That is prettymuch it. A mode that lets players see and feel just how large/small they are, and how teamwork (or lack of) can make a large impact on gameplay.

I will add more if I think of it.

Now that sounds like fun. I can only imagine how some people will attempt stupid strategies which somehow work, then screw up for epic deaths. This kind of mode is what I really like, as it has players think more rather than just rush in and shoot.

I can see both sides of this argument, and I am not sure which side to join. I am quite skilled at using corvettes, and there have been times when I singlehandedly pull my team to victory from an 85-50 disadvantage. There have also been times where I was the cause of the enemy team doing the same thing. The corvette is an interesting beast. If timed and executed correctly, it is unparalleled in destructive force, or it is spam killed until the enemy team wins. I think the best way to beat them is to not let them close, and if so, use a tractor beam and shields to flatten it. Sure, cloak lets them get a major surprise advantage, but if the pilot makes even the slightest mistake, he is done. One of my biggest annoyances are when I skim a rock while boosting away, spin out and get vaporized. For me, I find one of the most effective anti-corvette systems is a blast pulse. It hits me for enough damage to force a retreat, and weakens me enough to be taken down easily. Another good strategy is to have a friendly valcor corvette on standby to chase down fleeing hostile corvettes, gaining an easy kill and forcing them out. I mostly use it for distraction strikes, giving allies an opening to attack, use it to finish off an enemy ship, or to spam kill hostile tac cruisers who are sheltering away from the battle.

Thank you. I can understand the reasoning behind the change, and it makes perfect sense. You need to make money, and in-game items bought with pay to get currency is how most F2P games do it. I, like many others, want a game where players can earn everything through gameplay. Of course, in F2P games that is impossible without the developers going bankrupt in days. One game I play has a system that is a perfect compromise between the two ends. It has some weapons that can only be bought with real money, but those are literally just reskins of other weapons that can be earned through gameplay. Both weapons perform exactly the same. One is just a different color. The only things that can only be bought are cosmetic items, such as camo patterns, and other such things that only make a player look different. That system allowes players who never spend any money on that game to get the exact same loadout as someone who spends hundreds, or thousands of dollars on that game. The only difference is appearance. That gives the developers an effective way to get money, and let players not spend a dime and get all the same gear, making the only difference skill. I have yet to find another game with a similar system, and I have never come across another F2P game which has the same kind of system to keep everyone happy.

What sort of info do you guys have for me on my first startup. I last played at the 2015 PAX East, and obviously things changed. I moved, my previous account email was terminated, email switched, had to get this account email changed for access codes, and finally it is all in order.

I want to have your tips about how to start things out, and essentials I need to know right off the bat. Thanks in advance.

I got a reply from support, and the issue is being worked on. It has yet to take effect, but I hope it will apply by tommorow

I recently returned here after moving, and the email account I used to make this account no longer exists. I have been looking around my account settings and see no way to change it. Does anyone know of a way to update my account email?

edit: I am also curious about alpha/beta keys. I signed up shortly after the 2015 PAX East, and since moving and shutting down the email I had there, I may have lost some email sent updates and such.

2nd edit: I have also sent in a support request about this issue, but I also think it is best to keep this thread here.

Now I don't mean I'm too young, I mean it straight up won't let me sign up. I enter the information, but I can't hit the sign up button. I am doing this fromy iPhone, because a computer is unavailable to me at the moment. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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Yes...yes...newsletter...I'm on it.

But seriously...I hate mail. I do, I honestly admit it. My doberman starts gnarling just by hearing our postman's bike stop in front of the door.

I visit the sites that really interest me, I keep in touch and inform myself as much as I can. Except my Mailbox. You know a guy with hundreds of unread mails? No? Now you do!

Anyway, no pain, no gain...go subscribe that letter frogman!

have an awesome day you good folks!

EDIT: Please send me the Grey Box newsletter or other marketing updates.

It is done...

I have the same problem. I almost never check my e-mail, and that's why I like the elite dangerous newsletter approach. Not only do you get the e-mail, but they also post a thread on the forums about it just in case.