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Your projecting, it happens, my posts were brief and to the point and just how I would say them to your face, sorry if you perceive hostility there but it really isnt my problem to deal with.

And I didn't say you were saying anything against Thunder, just that I trust he has perceived some odd behavior that warrants further tests beyond just disproving his initial claim. If I had to take a guess I think you are getting your nose out of joint because you know your initial reply was actually a little curt and dismissive and therefore projected context onto my quick reply that simply was not there, or at least was not intended.

Anyway lets move on, we are both rude and obnoxious at times I am sure, but maybe further testing can reproduce this non amping beam situation.

Snib is correct the buff applies to both damage and healing equally, you are more than welcomed to check the script used for this ability.

There are cases where the buff will not be applied properly because of how buff stacking works, the weapon buff from the destroyer used to override beam amp, but other than glitches there isn't anything different vis a vis healing or damage.


That said if you are on a cottaro laser pointing stuff at 5KM with the damage falloff on that ship to prove anything is pointless, Aion is slightly better but still has a pretty steep damage falloff.

Wine/Crossover won't work with DX11 only titles anyhow, the middleware that Dreadnought uses will also not work so you will not be able to actually login or use the store.

Bootcamp with Windows works fine.

That said the performance won't be stellar, you'll need to use fairly low settings to run it around 60fps on 1080p.

The Macbook I've tested it on is a Mid 2015 Macbook pro 15 with the R370 dedicated GPU, if you have the older one (NVIDIA GPU) you'll have even worse performance, if you don't have a dedicated GPU don't even bother bootcamping it.

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Known limitation of the in-game interface, they really need to work on that. You can configure everything manually in this file though:


Key codes for mouse buttons 4 and 5 are ThumbMouseButton and ThumbMouseButton2, and for the wheel MouseScrollUp and MouseScrollDown.

Just don't overwrite scripted keys (energy, and comms) it used to bug the heckout of the game.

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ABW+Blast Pulse do about 25K damage amped combined,

Check your numbers, that's more like what it does without amper.

I'm looking at the blueprints ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Gonna say.. Playing today.. watching 2 corvettes both running Assault blink warp +Blast pulse just wreck my team.

1 corvette using it takes a Medium DN down to about 30% hp (70% health or.. 42,000 dmg) .. which is rather insanely high. (I assume the corvette was also shooting him with main guns as he ABW+BPulsed.)

Originally I just put it off as they are bad with shields... but from this thread you guys are telling me both those abilities ignore shields?

Also.. did they tweak the aim assist against corvettes again? I couldn't hit a .. Kresnik? (The heavy corvette) with the aim assist at all. (Right click, aim right at him, computer leads target... works against valacours and ... the other corvette.)

Was playing Athos. (Did not DIE at all the entire game, even to the corvettes, but was hard pressed [Read; did not kill them at all] to kill them even with Disruptor missiles to try to screw with their runs + other missiles/weaponbooster pulse)

ABW+Blast Pulse do about 25K damage amped combined, they can't take down a Zmey to 30% hp without blasting it with their main guns for quite a while.

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Just to increase visibility:

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The best defense remains to keep an eye on your surroundings. An ABW Corvette has no cloak, you can see it coming without even trying, so don't let him surprise you.

TLDR: Don't be blind! Use the minimap! Please!

Go back and watch the video. The corvette does not show up on the mini map until it starts firing. Any decent pilot knows this and will go quiet for a while so that they will disappear from the mini map.

Because he was asking for it, he was in a really bad spot, i do not understand tacs that stick themselves in a corner or low to the ground that's asking for vettes to come and hunt you down.

Stay in the middle of the fleet use your allies as cover against directional fire, when you are in the open you are a considerably harder targets for vettes than when you are down with almost no room to maneuver.

Staying within the broadside range of your friendly dreadnought is also a pretty dang good way of ensuring survival from vettes .

Safety in Dreadnought doesn't come from being in cover all the time, it doesn't come from hiding it comes from having as larger view of the battle field as possible so you can react.

This goes double for ships like the Aion it's fast which allows it to avoid near all enemy fire from over 3KM away and the tacs have very high mitigation on their shields.

People simply do not understand how to play tactically in this game, especially with the tac, you see a vette coming start moving, be in a better position when it finally catches up with you and you'll be completely fine.

But if you will play as an ostrich don't be surprised when they take you down easily.

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You guys time perception is way off. He starts firing at the 4 second mark. Bullets impact also during the 4 second mark. Shields are up almost exactly the 5 second mark. Blast pulse fired at about 6.5 but does nothing to the corvette that was already at half health. That puts total elapsed time from when the first bullet was fired to his death at about 2.5 seconds... I rest my case.

Our perception is pretty dang fine

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Shield reaction was ok'ish, but still he Blast Pulsed him way too late. An amped Blast Pulse one-shots a non-reinforced full health Valcour, and even in the rare case that it was reinforced it would have gone down due to the additional damage it was receiving.

You could hear the guns being fired for over 2 seconds before he raised his shields, that ain't a particularly good shield reaction.

Bind your F1-F3 keys to mouse buttons (software) and use raise shields the second there is an audio telegraph of guns being fired.

No he didn't had his shields fast at all, you should always shield dance to avoid getting hit. (look at the projectiles and turn shield on and off to only block the ones that are about to hit you).

They are using Solidnetworks client patcher and CDN (just like SWTOR).

The HTTP error you see is because there is a limit on how much you can download from the CDN within a given time frame, the failure is because you only download from the HTTP as there are no peers for the BitTorrent part of the client to download from (peer discovery is disabled atm).

It doesn't matter if you limit the download speed or not it would take you the same amount of time to patch, if you hit "error 200" you've just hit the throttle limit and it would resume downloading after 90's how fast you hit that limit depends on your speed.

Limiting it to 256kbit effectively means you do not reach the data transfer cap (per a given unit of time) but overall the update speed would remain the same.