First the starling salvo.. cmon..its a pretty pricey and cool weapon only to be discarded after your 1st use..

accuracy is crp
* manual detonation? No use ..nukes arnt packed enough.

Suggestion..if you cant fix its accuracy..atleast let the nukes do their re entry simultaneously for more concentrated fire.

2nd..the jutlands main guns.. need i say something bout this?

*they suck! could switch its main to be the repeaters.. (more ammo count pls since its a main gun)

Yep sux...i feel you..theres lots of things that needs to be fixed..give it time..for example..thos ramming destroyers that ram you and gets no penalty affer they rammed you..ahaha that sux.

Unlocking legendary tier...ahhhh the bliss..the excitement..

30mins after..still looking for a match.

CE -34878 -0.. this is really getting in my nerves..its happening quite frequently.

It just sux cuz you cant do anything bout it

The double exp this last weekend..should be double exp every weekend..hehe..

Lots of player online
Positive insights
Players tell their friends
Lots of new players
New players tend to buy elite stats
More money for you devs .

Think bout it.

Can this be chained? Cuz i just got my behind whooped..a corvette chained this skill on me..