Hi, checking in on the news, still non then I see, bye and have fun.

Go to discord, the link is on the community link at the top, people arrange plenty of TE, especially friday evenings when we now have community nights with the Devs.

I would hazard that like the TE player controlled fighters, there only real use is stopping certain abilities, like normal healing from occurring?

Go for it chap, its fun to try out, very OP but the real window of opportunity is closing, it is accepted to be broke, will be nerfed and so many people have a good anti ABW build now that in a sense it has become a feeder. Yes it ruins fluid play, yes 2 or 3 in a team will more or less guarantee a win but its real day is done.

We know 'how it is supposed to function' that is not in question. Never was.

After many tests yesterday the Beam Amp even at mid range is patchy, it just sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, I know from the number of people on discord saying the same that it is a real issue but one that is hard to pin down as literally the same build and same target and same range results in Working/not working situations. I would say that fanning the target seems to often wake it up and make it work but the window on Beam Amp is so low that is hardly acceptable or a real solution.

TBH as much as a pain as it is, I feel that the general issue with Healers receiving little to no damage from many weapons even amped and point blank is a much bigger game breaker atm. Running tests two night back against semi willing targets - 5 point blank amped E to W Flaks just resulted in no real damage - drones/pods/autorepairs were not the reasons for this result - it is a mix of health bar delays (usually the damage arrives about 3-4 seconds late) and general latency issues plus some other element I cannot quite discern. Last night Giz was the recipient of the same deal - 400mt main guns/flaks/main guns/flaks and no movement in either shields or health.

Your projecting, it happens, my posts were brief and to the point and just how I would say them to your face, sorry if you perceive hostility there but it really isnt my problem to deal with.

And I didn't say you were saying anything against Thunder, just that I trust he has perceived some odd behavior that warrants further tests beyond just disproving his initial claim. If I had to take a guess I think you are getting your nose out of joint because you know your initial reply was actually a little curt and dismissive and therefore projected context onto my quick reply that simply was not there, or at least was not intended.

Anyway lets move on, we are both rude and obnoxious at times I am sure, but maybe further testing can reproduce this non amping beam situation.

Yup for me also, but not sure of tonight schedule, I am on most nights at 9pm GMT DST smile~ for at least 3 hours.

Get real, I was perfectly civil and not even vaguely 'trollish' imo. But I can post vids where this doesn't happen all day long, sure you proved that his immediate observations are not true, but I know Thunder well enough to know he didn't make it up so it warrants more testing. For one thing I have to assume your secondary and fourth module, also your very close both test so maybe going to more extreme range might be worth a try.

Energy to Weapons either or both of you? just a thought.

I am not trolling, don't try to pull that, again it is beneath you, I am trying to get the full info so we can test Thunders observations - he didn't pull it our of thin air, so if anyone is trolling it is you chap.

Seriously chap, we had it down to seconds, at worst 3 or 4 mins last night.