Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-218159) said:

Does everyone receive the reward? Not really, right?

Everybody that was actively playing in the last week WILL receive the reward. It has not yet been sent out but you'll receive it shortly.

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-218134) said:

did we do it ? looks close to me

edit: nvm forgot about different time zones, thought it was already over

You sure did it! Challenge #2 is now active.

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-217477) said:

Will there be progression counters for the challenges? would be highly appreciated

Also what do you get if you complete the challenge by yourself ??

Really like the concept of community challenges, plz continue that

There will most certainly be an updated tracker. The image from the original post will be regularly updated with the progress. We'll also share it in the article and on social.
If you complete the challenge all by yourself, I'll figure out a super special reward just for you

Work together to beat global challenges and earn rewards for the whole community!

Final Update: Congrats, Captains! You've beaten our first set of community challenges! We'll soon grant the decal to your accounts. We'll keep you posted about the next round.

So what are the challenges?
Week 1 (4/11 - 4/17): Earn a total of 95,000,000 Free XP

Everyone earns free XP no matter if they play with an Aion or the Phoenix. We are counting the total amount of Free XP that is earned across the PC and PS4 communities and when the grand total of 95 million is reached, the first reward is unlocked!

Reward 1: 20.000 Credits

Week 2 (4/18 - 4/24): Fulfill 18,000 contracts

No matter what contract you are currently working on, fulfill as many as possible to add to the community's total number. Once 18,000 have been fulfilled, the second reward is unlocked!

Reward 2: 3 Days Elite Status

Week 3 (4/25 - 5/1): ???

This challenge is still hidden! Once you are able to complete the first two challenges, we will reveal this last and final one!

Reward 3: The Kore Decal Collection

What you need to know

  • The goals are set FOR ALL PLAYERS IN TOTAL. You don't have to reach this number by yourself.

  • Make sure to play Dreadnought actively during the time the challenges are unlocked to be eligible for the rewards!

  • Check what the currently active challenge is and try to contribute as much as possible.

  • All challenges are global, geographically and across platforms!

  • The rewards will be granted shortly after a challenge has been completed but please allow for a few days for us to do this. We will update you once the granting process has been completed.

More info in our news article!

Let us know what you think about this event


From now until the 24th of December, you and your two Havoc teammates can win daily prizes and maybe even take home the grand prize!.

This is how you participate:

  • Play the PS4 Havoc Mode and try to get as far as possible

  • Using the PS4’s sharing features or your phone, make a short video clip of your end of match screen, showing your Havoc results and the scoreboard (so we know the names of your teammates)

  • Share the clip publicly on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DNHavoc


  • Daily: among all participants of the day, we’ll randomly pick one team and all three team members will receive a Fleet Recruitment Pack (including PCF Morningstar, PCF Silesia, 250GP, Fleet Recruitment Pack emblem and decal)

  • Grand Prize: among all participants of the Havocalypse event, we’ll randomly pick one team once the event concludes and all three team members will receive a Dreadnought poster, signed by the development team, and a Mercenary Pack (30 days Elite Status, 3,500GP, 25,000 Credits, Mercenary Pack decal, emblem and coating + Hero Ships: PCF Silesia, PCF Morning Star, Outis, Huscarl, Kali + 2 Fleet Recruitment Packs to give to your friends)

Recruit two other captains, team up and show us your skill in the PS4 Havocalpyse!

Update 1: Dec 4th

It looks like our PS4 Captains have chosen Akula as their favorite. Oberon really needs to step up their game!


The Battlefield on PC is a bit more even. We are curious who will come out on top!



Are you a rugged, no-nonsense Akula Vektor captain, or do you favor the gray, robust steel of Jupiter Arms? Or do your eyes glow green at the sight of Oberon’s sleek, ethereal designs?

The three manufacturers of the colossal capital ships you command in battle are looking to settle a score (and flex their egos). Jupiter Arms, Akula Vektor and Oberon want to see who has the toughest ships—and the toughest captains. It’s time for the Corporate Takeover event!

The event will run from December 1st to January 2nd

  • Choose a ship, play in matches and contribute the scores you earn to the various ship manufacturers (excluding any bonuses or multipliers)

  • All three manufacturers are offering different coatings to participating players

  • Only the manufacturer that wins will give their coating to all participants

  • Any player that completes a match during the Corporate Takeover event will receive the coating of the winning manufacturer

Click here for more info

We'll be updating the news article and this thread with the manufacturer's current positioning on a regular basis.

Update 1: Dec 4th



Nooooooo! Jack's onto us!

Quickly, change the release plans so we can pretend we're not specifically targeting him!


We've already identified a fix for this issue and will hotfix it ASAP.

We've already identified a fix for the missing XP issue and are getting a hotfix ready ASAP.