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I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on what we could do to improve the scoring and 'rankings' in the system as they are now.

Redwyrm#3695 posted (#post-59649)

I just had match where i assisted in 12 kill, and scored only 2 actual kill and had one death. Game nevertheless put me on the very bottom of scoreboard and thus i had lowest reward compare to other team members.

Of course system where you award credits and xp based on match scored is alone bad thing. Top scorer on winning team easily might get 6+ times higher reward than lowest scorer on losing team. But if you using that system, at least make it fair.

Of course i would still strongly suggest to go for fixed reward for playing matches. Nothing is keeping a spirit of good sport as rewarding everyone equally simply for playing, rather than making rich richer, and less skillful players been very frustrated for getting very low reward, and driving them to quit the game for good.

Keep scoreboard for matchmaking, and matchmaking only.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to chime in and say we hear your feedback. We're compiling it all into a big list and sharing it with the appropriate teams. Game development is a marathon, not a sprint.

Please continue to be awesome in testing and providing this feedback!

So I just looked into the error your getting. Yesterday we patched to fix an issue we found that reported a false positive when it came to HTTP errors. If you are getting the error now it indicates an issue with your connection to the patch servers. There can be many things causing this issue, my best recommendation would be restarting your router.

If this continues, please contact our Support Team.

Hey there,

There are other files that run together with our launcher that are not visible, so I expect that is the cause of this. You might have better luck streaming to a service like Twitch or Youtube Gaming.

Hope this helps!

We read every thread on the forums and compile the feedback, while we may not respond to every thread we do gather the feedback.

As all things game dev nothing is black and white, and figuring out what tweaks, changes, or modifications need to be made in the best interest of a great game takes time.

Imrahil#3251 posted (#post-58825)

Yeah well, I suspect the same happens with this thread as with any other thread. It gets thoroughly ignored.

some are actively rooting for it to fail to punish what they perceive as arrogance

I don't think that perception is wrong. It takes a lot of arrogance to do something as badly as this and still go for the "we only need to finetune it" replies...


We've had quite a few people express this concern and it is on our list of feedback for the devs to look at and see what can be done about it. It is on our radar so fear not!

10 minutes fits within the threshold of normality for the current level of population. As the day has proven the hotfix resulted in a net gain for people in regards to getting into matches.

If you notice extended wait times in the 30-40 minute area then we need to evaluate things. It should not face any other problems as we progressively gain more active users.

Thanks for reporting this tho!

Kedlan#0945 posted (#post-57447)

The longest I've had is around 10 minutes.

DN_Dariuas#6010 posted (#post-57446)

How long are your queues taking?

Kedlan#0945 posted (#post-57444)

Still having this problem.

How long are your queues taking?

Kedlan#0945 posted (#post-57444)

Still having this problem.

Hey there!

The hotfix was applied this morning. The queue lengths are a direct result of the current population of our test. As we ramp up invites and activations this should go away. We've been monitoring the user base and the queue times all day. I am sorry you're having longer than you'd hoped for queue times, but as we engage more players this will ultimately fade.