We have a scheduled server maintenance for 9AM CDT Tuesday 11/15. This downtime is scheduled to last approximately 1 hour. During which time we will be applying a resolution to the queue times! Let me know if you continue to notice extended periods of time between matches after tomorrow's downtime!

Lightwing#2697 posted (#post-56852)

Well at least their responses are less ambiguous than before which is hopeful. Still I would expect another couple of days.

That is quite a high score! Not one we are proud that you were able to get to. We think we've isolated what is causing this and we will share more info on what that looks like when it becomes available.

Thanks for being patient with us!

raaven616#3400 posted (#post-56386)

I can see by the lack of posts moving on this board... (I've been monitoring it most of the day.) that interest is fading fast because of the MM problem, or at least people are very frustrated which does spell out a huge problem for the developers if they don't get a handle on it.

Good evening,

This weekend has been somewhat of a quiet time on the forums. Discord has been pretty lively, but for the most part the tempo has been the same. The community team has been monitoring various mediums and we're really all getting the same beats. Reading through all of the posts here, people raise some really interesting, and valid points. We've got a big week ahead of us, and hopefully, we will have something a bit more solid soon on what might be causing it.

Thanks for taking time out to give your thoughts. While I hate to hear anyone has uninstalled Dreadnought, I don't wrong you for your opinions.

I'd like to touch on just a couple points.

First is the currency system in the game. It seems your concerns are, and correct me if I am wrong, that because we're in beta we're not giving out or awarding enough credit? Fundamentally this is both a good thing and a bad thing. We need to test the systems and to use your own words, fine tune the system. That being said it is iterative, it will take time to find the right number on the dials and it will ultimately have to sustain a long term playability.

Primary weapons are another point I'd like to highlight. Having TOO many primary or even secondary weapons can come with its own inherent level of problems from oversaturation to balancing against each other primary and secondary weapon. Now this is not to say new weapons won't be added in the future (nor am I saying they will, that is still being discussed), but I am saying that for now, we'd really like to get everything else pinned up and right before we look at what else is next.

As for your feedback being too much. I can assure you it is not, and I really can't thank you enough for taking the time out to share your thoughts with us.

Getting positive feedback is good for morale, getting critical feedback is good for the game.

I hope to see you flying again soon!

ElPoto#7136 posted (#post-56392)

Hey fellows.

I'm not playing the game. I actually uninstalled yesterday. The reason is just indirectly related with what I want to say. I'm simply experiencing a bug with the sound system that make the game unplayable for me at this moment. I've submitted the corresponding bug report.

Now to what I want to say:

I've seen the feedback about the last patch. It is really worrisome though that some of the community managers / devs are answering with "we need to fine tune the system" and, moreover, the hotfix that merely cut prices in half. I really hope the devs are capable of eventually recognizing the situation and are prepared to do profound changes, not just "fine tuning".

But I'm really convinced that the problem is not only the current tier/progression system. The devs of this game seem to have a problem in the sense that they like to put limits that honestly don't make sense:

1 - The limit of the primary weapons. The only reason I see for this is that they don't want to invest time in modeling different options for the primaries. But still there should be upgrades for them.

2 - The limit of the kind of weapons / modules the different classes can equip. This added to an inexplicable lack of creativity when coming up with weapons selection. I mean it's ok with ultra-specialized classes like the tactical and arties. But the difference between more normal classes like corvettes, destroyers and dreadnoughts should be only in hull type, speed and number of weapon slots. Corvettes should be maneuverable, destroyers should excel in damage dealing and dreadnoughts should be big and able to resist a lot of damage. After that the weapons and modules should be open; and the more and more varied the better.

3 - Currency system. OMG. So complicated. Credits should be used for everything. Credits and being able to buy more and more expensive ships/stuff should be the only progression system. The high prices/low credit/ low xp awarding is odd specially for a game in closed beta, when the custom is to be generous at this stage so beta testers can really focus in testing.

More ships, more toys, experiment with loadouts is what I want. Once you have simplified the classes and progression you can focus in delivering more toys (ships / weapons / modules).

For balance, in another post I already suggested looking to Rebel Galaxy. So if you see that game your level is provided by your weapon/module level, higher level modules simply have better stats. It's a lot of fun because you have a lot of flexibility to configure your ships since the very beginning with some special choices as you progress.

I know, this is probably too much. Maybe at this point the game is already headed in a direction that will determine everything. But I couldn't leave without taking this out of my chest. I've always dreamed with this kind of game so I feel emotionally involved and each time I decide to install for another run I have high expectations.

Thanks to both the devs and the community. I'll hopefully be checking back.

Thanks for the feedback, we are aware of the issues and are investigating the cause of it. Some of it is tied to the current population across the different tiers, but we're diving deeper into figuring out what could be causing these extended queue times.

Thanks for sticking with us through these tests!

Great feedback, it is something I will bring up!

Hey there,

We have been getting reports of unusually long queue times and are investigating. As for any refunds or concerns over that, you'll need to reach out to our CS team.

Hope this helps!

xerolegacy#8101 posted (#post-55895)

How about the most suggested suggestion thats been suggested on this forums since the patch.


As I mentioned we are looking at everything. Whatever changes come will take some time. I just ask you to give us a bit of time to get all of the ducks worked out, so to speak.

Hey, friends!

I understand the concerns with maintenance. Game development is a very iterative process meaning that people with much larger brains than I spend night and day exploring what options can work for all systems.

With that in mind, any suggestions or improvements to current systems are always read and shared with those brains.

Please keep the feedback coming.

Thanks again for helping us test Dreadnought!

We have been getting reports of this and have been investigating. I am sorry that you're having these issues. Hopefully, the queue times balance out. We'll keep everyone informed if we discover what is causing this.