Sorry you guys are running into this. It is an issue we're aware of. If this happens just pause and restart it should resolve itself.

Let me know if this works!

Hey Light,

I know we spoke in Discord but I wanted to follow-up here on the forums. I'm glad you have a ticket in for support. They are really talented at figuring out all this techie stuff I don't get. Hopefully they are able to find a solution for your issues soon!

Glad to have you on board. Sorry your first experience with matchmaking went less than stellar. With the most recent patch we've been making tweaks to get the game into a place that fits and feels right for Matchmaking. We think we've found it, but with the population across the various fleets where they are the queue times may have suffered. We've got some things in the pipeline to bring those numbers back up but it will be a few days.

Was the training helpful?

We've been getting a lot of people sharing your concerns with the starter ships, we've floated some ideas around, and even gotten some suggestions from the community. I have not seen any concrete solution that has been decided on yet. However, we are looking very carefully at what feels right and make sense from T1 to T5, and everything in between. Today we tweaked those costs as you saw. That is step 1-5, now we're working on the next steps and we will roll those out, in whatever form they end up taking.

How do you like the look of all the new ships though?

Like Christian mentioned, right now with populations the way they are, you're not alone in queue times. I waited for 25 minutes a bit ago. I got to catch up on some TV while I waited which was nice, but I really wanted to get in and blow up some ships. We've got some strategies in place for increasing the current population, but we have to tighten some bolts before that goes out. It should be within a few days that these queue times go down.

Thanks for sticking with us and giving us feedback on it!


Sorry you've been having issues finding games. We've been getting reports about this happening and I think we've tracked it down to the current population. Please let me know if you do get into a match.

That is really odd. I see what you're talking about. I'll have to look further in the morning.

So when you try to reply to a thread it disappears? I did not see any moderated posts that would have been deleted on the back, so this is very curious.

Glad you're getting into a game. We're getting reports of longer queue times.

Hey guys, thanks for bringing this up. Can you do me a favor and share your fleet makeup? I am not sure if that is what could be causing this, but we need to explore all options.