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Don't remember exactly, but between 5 and 10 minutes. Also - the "Not fun" was actually a bit hard - frustrated would be better, but like I have said before, I keep telling myselg "Closed Beta"... smile

Keep pluggin!

Yep, I understand the frustration. We're getting there! Game development is a marathon for sure!

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Match making is still broken. I completely deleted my Veteran Fleet and only have a recruit fleet to make sure I was not seeing things. I was in 3 battles with tier 3 and 4 ships 3 times in an hour getting obliterated. Not fun.

How long where you in the queue?

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It will take some time for us to get Dreadnought to a point where it feels right across the board, just bear with us. It's what we plan on doing through the closed beta and then some. smile It's looking like the hotfix tomorrow will contain the matchmaking adjustments that were expected in next weeks. So that's something to look forward too. We'll be talking more about it as soon as we receive more info, for example, the time it lands tomorrow, etc.

This is encouraging to read. That the devs still have a commitment to "get DN to a point...." which implies they will listen to us beta players at least!

While we don't always respond to things we read on the forums (And we're getting better) we do read it all. Hearing how much fun the game is feels great, when people are happy we get to smile and celebrate. But those victories don't make the game BETTER and move it to the next echelon. The 'bad' stuff is where the real work starts. When we find out a system is not working or just feels clunky we revisit those conversations and see what we can do. Sometimes we can find tweaks that fit and make the game better, others we iterate and find that sweet spot.

Oh that's no good. What kind of GPU are you running?

I really appreciated reading this man, thanks for spending time on it. I know we're currently exploring what we can do to make ships more unique and become more of the 'Your ship' mentality, but I think we need to clean up the current progression system before we start to really dive deeper into what we can do to add more things to the 'car'. We want to make sure it drives right and is fun to drive before we try to make it look more impressive. I served on an Aircraft Carrier in the Navy, and some of these ships bring me back to the geometry of that ship.

When you see a ship in Dreadnought, what is your first reaction?

Hey there Dimmizer,

You've not actually lost your rank, it is a visual bug that we've seen creep up a few times since the new patch. We're not entirely sure what is causing it, but we've seen relogging fix it. Try that for me and let me know if it works!

As soon as we can figure out what is happening and what is causing it we'll get the code wizards on it!

This is a great point, and one I'll bring up with the team tomorrow. I can't promise any outcome, but thanks for bringing it up!

Hey there Liguan,

I am sorry your experience with the new Shipyard update has not been smooth. From what I read it sounds like most of your frustration comes in people bringing Veteran or T4 ships into recruit fleet matches? Tell me if I am off base, I want to understand.

If this is the case, the T4 in a recruit match is a result of a few different aspects, one of those being population. We are looking at what solutions we can take, but as it is now if people spend a significant time in queue they will just get put in the next available match. This situation should resolve itself as the beta ramps up and the numbers increase.

Again if I am off base and missing your frustration points please let me know!

Hey there,

Can you do me a favor and verify that you are not in Matchmaking when you try to set a flagship?

Thanks for the report! We'll get this checked out.