thedeath#8178 posted (#post-53860)

dariuas people have contacted your support team and got an answer saying it's a known issue and they should just play another match to get their credits back

That is fantastic news. The support team then turns those reports over to the teams that handle it. It is hard to look for 'general problems' on a blanket, but when we know exactly who is suffering the problems it lets us pinpoint it a lot faster.

The system is flawed right now, and it is something that is actively being looked into but there is not a magic button to fix it. First, we need to identify what system is causing it, then finding out why.

Kazuiyo#0677 posted (#post-53806)

Anyone know how to fix it?

I would encourage reaching out to our Support team and having them explore their magical pool of stuff to see what happened. While I can't promise they will be able to fix it right away for you, they can help continue to drive the awareness of the issue. The more unique submissions that come in for this happening the easier it can be to track it down.

Have you received an invitation to the closed beta? Since it is a closed beta we are gated by invitation or through a key. You can purchase access through our Founders Packs.

Happy flying!

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

Hey all, we understand the current frustration of the matchmaking system, and frankly, you're not wrong. While I wish it was just a quick fix it will take a bit for us to figure out the best method for it to work. Some of it has to do with the current population in specific fleet types. While this in no way excuses anything going on I ask a little more of your time to come to the best solution possible.

Thanks, Valroth,

As I mentioned in Discord it does sound like these players are hitting the 10-minute timer and getting pushed back into the Recruit fleet. This is simply an issue of the population right now and should, over time resolve itself.

If you have any instances that this is not the case, please be sure to write this up with as many details as you can. This will enable us to figure out the best path to follow to reproduce this.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to share this with us!

Fly on!

We have not announced an official date of the reset, but we will let everyone know before it happens.

Keira#0957 posted (#post-44948)

After a bit of practise i just played my first match as a healer and we won so that was pretty AWESOME!

So far i love it. smile

That is exciting, congratulations and welcome to the fight!

NTDF-Gierling#4700 posted (#post-44564)

Ok, I spoke with several of my friends over the weekend. The common complaint is that the Tier system unnecessarily segments the playerbase, and adds a lot of unneeded complexity. It also represents a shortcut towards playbalance that comes at the expense of depth.

Thanks for your feedback. I would be remiss if I did not say we are too far in development to simply drop the Progression 2.0 system. That being said, with beta such as it is, the community can help forge what the final product looks like with feedback such as this. I will pass this along to the appropriate teams.

I have a favor to ask of you and your crew. Hang out until you've gotten your hands on 2.0 and let me know what you think about the play. We're implementing some pretty spectacular systems to increase the excitement of the games, so I'd love to hear what you guys think after you've had a chance to touch it. Is that something you guys are willing to do?

NTDF-Gierling#4700 posted (#post-44408)

These changes look fantastic, unfortunately I can't get my friends to come back to Dreadnought as long as the Tier system is still planned.

Can you let us know when the Tier decision gets reversed.

Hey there Gierling, I'd really love to dive deeper into your comments about why the Tier system will be a detractor for you and your friends. While we are still developing and hashing out the systems, feedback is always welcome and we'd love to really get a deeper understanding of your thoughts on it.