I hope the game does come back, and I know what it is like to lose a good long term game you played. Still here are some facts the devs know for sure so take a look or here if there does not work its the DN stats from Steam.

To come back the game needs a major update, push out to all former players and a SM Ad Camp that goes beyond just Twitch (big mistake so many eggs I suspect in that basket). Do that and maybe, basicly a relaunch. Also needs to make sure the Game is new player friendly and keep the LOLPvPer types in check, they helped frak your game btw.

Peg Com will no longer be recruiting for or playing DN on a regular basis. As of 13 APR 19 it is no longer an offical game, but we have it listed on our discord as an other non-guild game.

We are still looking for new team players, check us out at

Special Welcome to any former BSGO players.

With BSGO shutting down this game should see some new players from BSGO. As a long time BSGO player, I and Peg Com want to welcome you here to the Dreadnought Family of Players!


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all on DN from Peg Com!


Happy Thanksgiving to all that so celebrate! Have a Great Holiday Season, from all of us at Pegasus Command.


we are mosly Eastern but have members from all over

Have a Safe and Great Halloween from all at Pegasus Command,


That is better but I doubt enough to pay for 45 more Devs. Sure not anything for a game like this to be jumping for joy over.

Anyone that wants to try and help this game atm, best you can do is a good honest review on Stream. The game has many issues but it is worth playing and can be fixed. We have done what we can to help promote the game. It is F2P and needs more population. That is what drives spending. We need MORE! I see no reason not to recommend it the game is fraking free and fun to play even now.

Most of the comments here are good and the Dev/Suits of this game would be wise to read them and take to heart.

There is little reason for this failed launch and the uptick to it with all the we want to make it great, do it right ect makes it worse. When you claim over a months prep time and stop doing stuff on the game in order to get x right and x turns out to be wrong, well you fraked up big time buddy. No amount of its all good, look at other games and what they had happen matter. Bad is bad. Period and that really is the end of that story.

We, and I say we since we have supported this game since closed beta. I like the game an want to see it do well and expand, as do many of my guildmates. That said, this is a bad vibe for the start or a relauch, what ever you want to call it. Is it recoverable? Sure it is. Do I feel sorry for anyone having sleepless night, nope. It is their fault they are up fixing what they broke. That is their job and this is not some "ART Project" its a commercal game. So I cut no slack. Nor should anyone else, do it right and fast.

Now for my specific feedback:

  1. I think the size of the UI is fine, but how it overlays other parts needs to be looked at. It cuts off stuff.

  2. There are way too many clicks to upgrade ships, how you get to upgrades ect, this all needs to be fully reworked. This will end the game for many imo esp with the hard wall grind you hit at T3. No player is going to like this and I mean no player.

  3. I know you are trying to get more information per screen to players, still imo I think this was a fail. In some places it it too much others too little. Take hard look at just how much info you are displaying at once, we are humans lol. Find the sweet spot.

  4. Social UI is better but still is bad, add guild support to the fracking game already.