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We are but with the holidays we have been over on our other games more so or taking time off. Thanks for the compliment btw. You can find us at join the site and shoot me a message on it at Aer and we will get it going.

Happy Holidays

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I'm looking for a group to have voice comms with while we play, and to play tactically in terms of positioning and map awareness. I'm best with destroyers at the moment, but I am open to trying/learning other classes. If you want to play leave a post below and we can fly out.

We are building a guild here contact us if you want in:

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Hey all,

I'm looking for a competitive, yet easy going group. I'm not new to team oriented game play but i am new to Dreadnought. I don't devote a tremendous amount of time, as of right now, to Dreadnought but i would like to join a group to run with.

Some background on me.

I have been playing World of Tanks for quite some time now and have been involved in some of the top groups on the NA server. I've been involved in sports, or team based games, my whole life and find the most enjoyment when playing with friends. I like to win, but i like to win while playing in a fun semi casual environment.

So if your group is looking for a competitive, capable of learning, player that wants to run with people when I'm in game then i may be a good fit.

Check us out we would love to work with you.

We are open for new members that want to play Dreadnought with us. We will be a long term supporter of the game as when we support a game we stay unless it closes. We have a website and Team Speak available, and as the number of members playing the game goes up more resources will be placed for fleet support.

Visit our website at for information about us and to contact about membership.

So join up, and lets get a fleet rolling.

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Pegasus Command like from BSGO?

That we are. We are in the Progress of becoming more multi gaming. We are here, BSGO, and STO.

New here and these may well be a noob questions, so be it lolz!

I have only been able to play the training missions so I assume I am not getting any progression XP for this, is that right?

How do you lev up your toon? I do not see anything on this in the tutorial, if it is not there it should be.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

We are a muti gaming community. We tend to play space based games. As always we are looking for new members and will be here looking at this game progression.

Hi all from the US and help run Pegasus Command. Looking forward to seeing how the game develops and providing great input.