I am having an awful hard time getting into the game. Yes! I have the right launcher, I do read lolz, just to end that type of post. I have also already been in the new game. So, it is a Tuesday midday I would not think the servers are full? So what gives?

Wtih the Steam move of DN, want to welcome all new players. We are open for new members, mutigame guild, check us out at

Welcome and good luck on your toon and always have fun!

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Drain and disrupt means you have no modules and no shields. You are basicly dead. I could run that on a destroyer with a ram and get the same result, I could use it with a Goliath, storms. The end result is the same as a scramble and a ram. Your dead regardless.

You do understand that saying x kills you so what came before is usless is not an arguement. Besides, the end result is not what we are disccussing, it is how you get there.

Ram ignores sheilds, the other mods do not. Drain and disrupt do not make it so you can lose target, IE take away DPS. You know this, but scamble is very important to ram in ways the other mods are not. Cause most ships that can ram are squishy, and being such are on the eaiser side to kill. The scamble mod does zip to aid the a missle attack lolz. It does a heck of a lot to aid a RAM. Scamble and ram are combo mods in a way what you discribe are not.

If you have a real reason why I am wrong in my thought process I would love to see it. As is what I am seeing is a bit off center. It is possible I have been less clear than I could have been as I flet most knew I clearly was not advocating removal of any weapons from a ship with a E-War mod. It is the combo aspect I am targeting. As the other idea is obsurd.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224752) said:

That's like saying drain and disrupt should not be on the same ship. Your modules work while scrambled. You just can't see if you have target lock.

I know how it works and what it does, why explain it yet again lolz.

Anyway, no it is not the same. Drain and disrupt DON"T do any damage, RAM does. But I bet you knew that already, right. The issue for me is a combo of E-War with a DPS Mod. Ram does major damage. Heck bet you knew that too. Why are we even going over this lol

The better question is why do you think a Major DPS mod, should be on the same ship as an E-War mod. Why not require teamwork to pull off holy @#$#$ I can't see BAM! Yet another dead Tac. Seems more intresting to me than mash the buttons in the right order please.

Yes, Scramble is over used. For me one of my first rules about stuff in a game is how offten is it used. I have issue when builds become the in thing, I can not think of a single time that is good for a game. Ofc I am talking gear, abilites ect not paints lolz. That said Scramble is fantastic as an effect, it is annoying and I hate it when I get one, still good job by the Devs on putting that in our tool kits. Why? It is fantactic because it is one of the few ways to debuf not the ship by the player. Its a debuff to your MK 1 eyeballs lol, I like it. Also if you look real hard you can get some information about what is around you at times even while it is active. ST II stuff baby!

Now why it is bad. It should not be on the same ships that can ram. It is a debuff that really helps this one other MOD, which is in itself very powerful. The fact of them on the same ship is one of those things that makes sense until you play the game enough without using said combo! The scramble mod imo should be on the Tac's. That way you need team work to pull off the awsome job these mods together can do.

As a counter I suguest a new mod for TAC's Firewal Hardening, it would be AOE and reduce the effects of a Scramble for x secs. This is the soft way, a more deep way would be to intro a new ship class, for E-War and E-D/S. That gets much more complex but it is a way to explan beyound the four we have and keep balance.

To all who celebrate have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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Curious, as I am just downloading the game. "Clan", how many can be in one? Is this a team play game? Is there a setup/game function based upon Clan play separate fron normal play?


This is a team game but the match maker will put you on one. While you can have a squad of four on any one side in a match a team is eight. The game has no in game support for clans atm, so not set limit to numbers on a roster. Clans by the same token cant play seperate from the game.

Being in one is about social aspects, clan support, and grouping. You can play the game without one if you wanted and never interact with other players. So room for all types of preferences.

As always anyone looking for a clan check us out at

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221813) said:

PegCom_Aer#0033 posted (#post-221812) said:

Add a que that is 3 v 3 only squads, no AI ever., also make it pay credits to enter. Keep the other ques as they are.

Why would anyone do that?

Well could be players only want to play vs other organized or at least squaded groups. Some don't like the random pick ups on their team. I would make it a high lev deal only and pay to play. Give it some bonus set up or maybe even some tourny rewards in time. Still I can think up tons of whys someone would use it. Still you would not want this to hurt the game at large make it some high end game type stuff.

It is a 3rd way between what is being talked about, imho. Maybe the only way to do it without really hurting the other que types.

Add a que that is 3 v 3 only squads, no AI ever., also make it pay credits to enter. Keep the other ques as they are.

I hate to say it but I dont think there is a right way to do it. Match marking is hard. It really is an impossible balance of speed and quality vs pool. I would like to see it add as many bots as needed to get a match going say after 5 mins in pool. As long as the number of real players is the same on both teams. Which will only make it stall on odd number pools.

Match size impacts squad size, ect also. It adds yet another layer of complexity to MMING. As for legendary ques, it is a pool vs progression issue I believe.