I really hate to see this is more of a thing than I wanted it to be. Glad for the response from DN/CS also. Player shunnning of this stuff is as important as reporting. I never want this or any game I am playing to become a cheat culture. We players also have a responsiblity for the game culture we allow.

See it don't play with them or that group until you know they have stopped, it is flat our not cool and in the long run bad for a game to cheat, full stop.

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I can say that all the time I have been playing I have seen very little in the way of smack talk and other bad game play. Tonight and one or two times in the last few weeks I have seen players doing what can only be called sandbagging.

By this I mean they are clearly in another team (yes, guild tags), while not being able to be squaded have qued and end up on the enemy team. IN all these matches the player scored less then 20 pts in the match. That is not cool not good and bad bad bad for the game.

The devs need to look at some min standard you need to meet or be kicked out of que for 30 mins or so. It may be there is something like that, I am unware of. Still something to think about, and players! Do not sandbag lets all have fun and pew pew pew no mater who who who!

I feel the scramble, and ram is a bit much. Can you counter yes, but difficult in a PUG game.

TwistedARTY#3487 posted (#post-219560) said:

I have been playing dreadnought for awhile and me and my brother are looking for a clan both of us have TS in game name is TwistedARTY

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I like the new conquest map and I think that is a good start in the right direction.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-218426) said:

Healers are being addressed, How it will look we don't know, they have a few ideas, but I do not know If they have decided on what action is being taken.

yes I saw that and one reason I wanted to post something like this now

First, this is not about something being OP, I do not think anything in the game right now is classicly OP.

I have been playing this game for sometime now, and while I am not the most active player I feel I do have something to contribute to basic game play. I feel the game is at a major cross roads and needs to focus on what the game PvP is about. Either this game is a game where how you play matters the most, or what you play does. That is not to say both are not important aspects of the game, they are. What it does mean is one needs to inform the game more then the other. I am a how you play type of player. That is what I find the most fun in a game, is when you face others, how you play what you have matters more then what you play. Again, I am not saying a tier 2 ship should be able to beat a tier 5, no, What I mean is how you play in a matched game when you are in parity, note I say parity, not balance with the other players should make the difference.

That said what I am seeing is a rise that what you play matters more then how you play in this game. What I mean by that is specificly with healers. Healers are always an issue in a team game and can cause power creep. What that means is when ships do not have to deal with healers they have too much power vs a ship without one. This is not OP it is enviromental and an issue with how a healer works in the game. it is easy to see how this reduces a games PvP choices and can ruin the experence. Mathmatically the ships are all balanced, but game play suffers. This is where some players set on what you play, say well get a balanced team and what not. Well that is bad game play and bad for the game in the long run especailly for players that want to play solo or just pick up games. This is where I see things headed.

The game needs to be set up so ships of the same tier of any config can win a match. When you see a tactic or ship set up ect being widely used by a player base, you have a problem. The winabitly needs to be based in both how well that team foucs fires and supports eachother, but also in how they use the map. The map needs to be a much more important part of all game play. I could go on and on, but the game needs to either be how you play, or what you play. I would much prefer a game where how you played matterd. Where what you do on the map matters more then what you did in the hanger.

Thanks for reading.

Game entry is always hard to do. I agree the interface for squading ect needs work. I have not ben throught the tutorial in a long time so cant say much about it. Still you do need a good one in this game to help them know more than just how the ship moves and fires.

We are looking to set up another four person team. So we are looking for all classes, of course new players are welcome and we have serverl members doing recruit matches also. We do OPs each Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern.