Hello all, we are still looking for good players. We are in the process of putting together a series of combat coms for this game. Now is a great time to come work on your team play with us.

Happy Holidays to all Members and Players, be safe and have a wonderful time.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We moved our website providers, the new site is up same address. So far we like it much better.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-162161)

Fixed that for you 😁

Thanks, still working on that!

To our US members and player, or if you so celebrate,

Happy Halloween

We are running a weekly official guild Op on both our TS and Discord Servers. Anyone welcome to come, so stop by if you want to play DN with us or we can help your game play. It will be on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern Time. We run the Op for an hour. The Weekly Ops started 17 OCT, and will be each week unless we post another time.



If you do not find us on one server, means the group is on the other.

Brembo#3932 posted (#post-151872)


I'm new to Dreadnought, but not to team games.

I'm in the USA, central time zone.

Can play some days, some nights.

I'm an older guy.

Hi check us out, we are a mutigame guild only for 18 and up.

Kreateor#0193 posted (#post-153550)

Hello everyone,

I'm Kreateor, 34 y/o, new player in Dreadnought. I'm looking for a friendly english speaking community to join and develop in the game with. As it says in the title, I am on EU timezone (GMT+2). I have discord+mic, and pretty decent english.

Contact me here or in game.


You are welcome to check us out, the time zone may be a issue but in time we can work on it.

Ebeneezer#1974 posted (#post-145333)

Hay Volelily, if you get any decent responses please post them here, as I said in SWORD recruitment thread, the community (not necessarily here on the forums) seems fairly dead.

Having looked through these forums and tried a couple of other Discord/TS servers for groups in other posts and they are always deserted, even during the weekend.

The tutorial when you first start playing is enjoyable and teaches you the basics of in-game combat, but none of the Hangar or meta game details are explained. For example if you remove ships from your fleet you can concentrate research points(?) on the remaining ships in the fleet, or just one ship if you want to focus on one....

Good luck with your search, the Pegasus Command TS (deserted, as is their Discord) is, theres a group for squads only on Discord server (also seems deserted)....










Glad we got to talk to you on TS last night, welcome.