volelily#6271 posted (#post-145219)

Just started playing and looking for a squad to take me under their wing willing to learn any ship since i don't really know a play style as of now and can learn one. I am NA. Have mic and discord.











Welcome to DN, and no we are not deserted! We are still mostly on TS as we just added discord to the guild. You are welcome to check us out at Make sure to contact us on the member question page. DN does not support guilds in game so without that it can take some time for us to see you. Again best of luck and we are here to help you.

Peg Com is now on twitter, follow us


starkiller#2225 posted (#post-141005)

He'y everyone been playing for a week now i would want join a team or build up? i play destroy class, so im up for laugh and chat to people.

Hi we are always looking for new players, our website is at check us out. If you want in just fill our the member question from, good hunting.

Woqulx#2330 posted (#post-137475)

English Speaking player looking for more players to play together with. I have mic from US south

Hi we are a US based guild, check us out,

We have set up a new Discord Server, in addition to our Team Speak 3 Server, link

Check it out and our site, if looking for a guild.

Hi we are looking for new members here most of us play Eastern Time zone also. If interested fill out the member question forum and join the site and we can get your rolling with us.

RaijaMiesta#2878 posted (#post-129638)

Looking for a clan that has a good base of mature players.

Over 18 years old,

Eastern Timezone

Teamspeak or Discord use, either is fine

oh and English Speaking only


Check us out, while we do not care what a player speaks, when on TS they need to be English competent. We are also for players only 18 and older.

Site is back up working normally, all welcome.

Ardalak#7756 posted (#post-129044)

I tried applying to your website. I keep getting a "Oops, we have encountered a temporary glitch." error. Tried several times over a few hours.

Ya our provider is having issues and it should be fixed inside 24 hrs. Still we can be contacted at hope to hear from you.

Happy 6th Anniversary Pegasus Command.

Also Congratulations to the New Pegasus Command Supreme Commander: Just1

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