Same I have been at it since 7pm Eastern and as of 7:15 still getting server unavailable, after being directed to the old log in screen.

We are still looking for members to help with getting more teams in the game. Most of our active members here play between 6pm-10pm eastern time. Still we are expanding and do operations at other times as well.

If you are looking to be a part of something and have a group to help you max your fun. Look at our site and see if we are the fit for you.

The chat needs a ton of work. It is not very user friendly. Some game wide would be nice, and better private chat.

Some basic guild functions also would be a nice addition, since the game is team based.

SmokerT69#9758 posted (#post-118931)

I've jumped on your TS server a few times, but it's always empty?

Best time to catch people on are 6pm-1am eastern time.

There are rooms further down also, shoot me a message on the site if you want to talk.

We are running play times in Dreadnought since it has no guild functions, you can look at the thread even if not a member of the guild.

VoidWalker#0865 posted (#post-118881)

I'm interested in joining you guys

Use the membership questions page on the site and join it and we will be in touch. Thanks,we look forward to hearing from you.

Vojoo#3514 posted (#post-119808)

Hey im looking for a squad using some type of voice, preferably eu.

We are looking for people and use TS3

Husker259#7618 posted (#post-116590)

Swoon! I used to play BSGO when it was first released. I was apart of SDF. Good to know that the game is still going on.

It is come join us. Always nice to have BSGO alums.

Junkalunka#9024 posted (#post-116162)

Hi Aer, Rebel_Souljah here smile

Good to see you, come join us. You are very welcome.

Yeah it is me lol...Peg Com is working on adding this game to our world lol. Anyway welcome to join us if you want. Verbal has command here atm from Peg Com. This game has we think potential, we will see. Good to see ya,

With tech beta now open, we are active here. So let us know if you are looking for a group to work with for victory!