Admiral Natasi Daala



Nobody willing to answer are care about the problem what prevents me from using the software?


Is there any reason for always drop back to the hangar when new battle started? Mostly on the waiting lobby, but sometimes after battle starts. That is some kind of bug or something?


I reinstall this "fantastic" game today, and experienced i am unable to launch any game mode thanks to, after launch finishes, its freeze down, or simply nobody loads in, or always exit in the beginning on the game and get back to the hangar. Its some joke what one of the devs do, (Of course they can do this, i know, am a dev somewhere else, yes. ) or some bug or something appears?


There is one thing! Its totaly a shame! Tier 3 matchmaking is unfair! I play with peoples, only in squad. But we always need to face off against T4. Where is the balance in this? A T3 ship totaly unable to stand against a single T4 ship! A simple Tactical Cruiser just assault me and two of my mates and slaughter us without problem! A SINGLE TACTICAL CRUISER!!!!! ONLY ONE!

This is not just not fair, this is ridiculous! I know the devs totaly do not care about this topic, because they not realy interested to answer or talk to the players, but someone need to answer!

Greetings to Developers!

I only have one question.
Why weaponry on the ships are didn't shoot if they directly lock on target?


  • Example class: Trafalgar

  • Turrets on the Main Hull front: 5

  • Turrets what can lock on forward: 5

  • Firing turrets: 2

The remaining three why didn't shoot? They loaded, ready, locked on, and still didnt shoot.

Why? Autoguns like the same. Requiring captain order to shoot an enemy on sight? Why?

In the X series, like X3 Reunion or Terran Conflict, every ship can shoot at the same time from every gun, if the batteries can lock on a target. And with that effect, the space battle are so action filled, hard but looking fantastic, and the player have the feel, "yess i control a starship".

I didn't think so is that so big or hard to do. Just activate the fire control ai on the turrets on the ships like how the bots do. If an enemy on range, and the turret can lock on, they start shooting. Or just bring in a command to give an order to the turrets to:

  • Hold fire

  • Weapons free

  • Attack my target

  • Shoot missile <- This one maybe for larger classes, destroyers or dreadnoughts, for flak or anti fighter defense.

  • Attack nearest target

With these commands the game experience drasticaly improved, and not so ahrd to do to the developers script team. Just for a tip. The game didn't use the numerical 1-9, the ,, /, and the * button, so these commands perfectly fits to these buttons.

Any other things, iam totaly satisfied, every other elements of the game are working well. Only one things maybe. The horizontal movement of the ships. A ship can go, up, down, forward and backward. Why they didn't can go left or right? This one little thing sometimes helps a lot because the map, or a stratigical movement against a stronger, larger ship to trick out the guns or the enemy player's incoming fire.

That all for now.

Thank for you read and answer!

Have a nice day!

Admiral out!