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Poor Oberon, need to play it more then!

If it's a game issue on his end, he should send his specs and a recording of what he's seeing. Until then, we should record him doing his behavior, if it's 100% the same, moving forward with warp and shield and resetting when he hits the end of the map, over and over, then yeah, it's too obvious. Different behavior would mean that he's actually playing and trying to do something.

Thanks for the information Rach!

Should have a scheduled t5 event to see how many T5 actually show up, maybe bring some interest into those players with T5 to use their ships on that specif day and time every week.

While I agree with Belial, I do wish we could see some improvement with aiming. More in the way of sacrificing a dps module for a better zoom or targeting module.

Also hot keys to call assists, I remember in the ol day of yore when we could "paint" markers on enemies. Of course this was done by the group leader, kind of hard in a match when no one is playing together and anyone could change the target at a whim would be chaotic...

Just saying smile

I would have to test this for T4 and T5. So far in T2, the corvettes can't take out my DN, we stood facing each other and destroyed them...twice in one match.

I actually enjoy the graphical pop up, just needs some tuning to make it more real time, seems to be about 5-10secs behind.

Sgt_Saunders#5165 posted (#post-165724)

  1. Having to unlock some ships through totally unrelated ship classes. For example, having to grind through the T3 Dola (a pretty crappy destroyer that I otherwise wouldn't use) to unlock a T4 Koschei. What I would really like to see is each ship class (for each manufacturer) to have a ship through all the tiers like the Jupiter Destroyer line, Oberon Tac Cruiser line, and Akula Dreadnought and Artillery lines.

  2. The disparity between Tier 3 and Tier 4. It's still way too great. T4 gets fighters, interceptors, bombers, endurance mode, drones, way more Officer Briefings, etc that Tier 3 doesn't have access to. It's really no contest, the team with more T4 ships is going to win almost every single time. The way to fix this would be to keep T1 and T2 in the Recruit fleet, isolate T3 in the Veteran Fleet, put T4 in a new Advanced Fleet, then keep T5 in its own Legendary Fleet.

  3. The matchmaking system. I'd say a good 80% of my matches in this game are either on a team that completely stomps the other team, or on a team that gets completely stomped. Neither case is even remotely fun. The only game I've really seen with a worse matchmaking system than this is Robocraft. lol With as much skill disparity between teams as I've been seeing lately, I'd say the only way to fix this (besides isolating the Tiers into their own fleet ranks) is to throw out the current system and start over from scratch. The current system just plain does not work.

To add my thoughts on this:

1.- Normally I would agree, I have always enjoying being the healer/support in teams and MMO's. But having tried it this way, for example, having to go through the Nov and Dola to get to the Koshei, I have found that I enjoy playing a tanky DN. Something I would not have discovered if I stuck to what I normally do, so in a way I'm thanksful.

2.- I can't say much on this point as I haven't reached that tier, but like 95% of other multiplayer games, the higher end, higher tiered, more built up players will always romp those that are below, even if it's only some levels below (I look at each tier as increments of 10 levels). Normally the best way to deal with those teams is through organization and voip.

3.- Skill disparity will always be a strong factor in multiplayer games with random players and small teams, due to small team competition requiring tactics and communication, most players are shy to go into a voip to play with strangers.

Almost makes you wonder why not just implement voip to the game, it's not rare these days though most organized guilds will have their own.

I for one have pretty fast match makings, but I'm in CST time zone.