Trafalgar: Takao
Otranto: Atago
Vigo: Maya
Jutland: YouTooLand
Balista: Jackdaw
Dover: BlowyBitzy
Palos: Mender 1
Harwich: Oneesan
Chernobog: Invincible 1
Ceres: Fubuki

I started up with naming JADDs after Takao Class Heavy Cruisers starting up with trafalgar as I was waaaaay beyond agosta when I discovered you can name them. Athos will be named (once I get her) Choukai

Jutland was me asking a friend if he has any ideas and he came up with it, Monarch will have similary punned name around it

BlowyBitzy has earned his name in one particular CQ match and it's named because it's blowing things (itself included) to bits

Mender 1? It'll mend your wounds... but mend is pretty much all it will do on that regard (remark to Palos being limited in options when it comes to healing)
Harwich is Paloses bigger sister so I named her literaly that - big sister - used japanese term for lulz

chernobog was my display of severe lack of ideas and ceres is after certain ww2 destroyer that tried her best.

being able to show off those names would be indeed nice ^-^

guy starts of from the completely wrong assumption on what "perfect balanse" is, and reaches wrong conclusion by so.

all your examples of what is fun works only one side and is that kind of guilty fun that wears of fast, while your examples of where bringing up "balance" would ruin the fun are not exacly bringing balance either....

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-217935) said:
No, rather a programmed event to keep players like me a joke!

I'm very sad for you if you really believe this....

also for crashes I had I was usually able to reconnect back to the match and still retain all the score and stuff

one very important thing I can put here that have redeemed myself from very painfull period of t4 readjustment is that you can equip everything you had researched on t3 on your t4. so basically you can just slap your old balista build on onager and see if that's better then the set of stock t3 modules you'd otherwise have

DrAgOnTemplar44#0203 posted (#post-220360) said:
This way players in Higher teir's aren't complaining about people using T2's in a Veteran Match.

but you can't use t2 in vet fleet.... it's t3 and t4 only

I am relatively new here, joined the game (on PC) just a week ago, and since I have had alot of fun so far, I have also noticed alot of rooms for improvement

so I decided to share my feedback here.

first thing that have struck me are tooltips for weapons and modules. they are inconsistent some listing some stats other not listing said stat, and other seemingly straight out wrong/misleading.

for example: some weapons lists projectile speed, others don't, and since I have only handfull of weapons actually listing it I can't compare it to enything to know wether or not should I be impressed by ones listing it.

flak turrets on destroyers are listing maximum range of 800m, does not list anything about having any sort of blast radius and yet I am itting things up to 1km with them.

second thing that have struck me is inconsistency in some weapons behaviour - namely repeaters (mostly the jupiter destroyers main guns altho have notice it also once on akula vector dreadnought secondaries as well): they have a set clip size and reload time, yet in many ocasions they just keep firing when UI ays they are reloading. sometimes they pause for reload, but most of the time they simply don't. (altho friend of mine claims to be unable to replicate this on his side...)

another thing: all buff pulses have pretty much same fx, regardles of what they do, this does not feel rigth and leads to confusing situations where there isjust alot of green pulses going around but nobody really knows what and where is pulsed.

next one is fleet composition
this one is funny.
game just loves reshuffle my precisely ordered fleets, with no real sense of order I could see, which bundled with the next issue gets very irritating moments. this needs to be either fixed, or the flagship feature I have heard used to be a thing needs to come back.

and here comes big chunk ofwhy ship order is so suddenly important: orbit timer is too short, most of the time I don't even load up for orbit and load directly into the battle with the first ship from the left of my fleet equipped, in most cases when I load in to actually see the orbit I have effectively 3-5 seconds to judge the team composition and pick a ship, which still invalidates the point of pickign because with that much time I'm out of it before I even take a proper look at the team composition...... and sometimes orbit bugs out showing me pretty view from inside something (like a asteroid or mountain) onto some randomly picked part of the map for those few seconds the ship picking should be taking place - again stripping me of possibility to pick the ship to load into the battle first. sure I can switch it during the battle, but rushing to my death just to get out of the ship I find unfitting for this one and switch for a proper one seems kinda counterproductive don't you think?

next big issue I have noticed is transition from t2 to t3 (from recruit fleet to veteran fleet): basically in my case I was leaving the grounds I was stomping, and entered the grounds where I was stomped, suddenly, brutaly and with barely any warning. apparently fully pimped out t4 is way too much for a stock t3 to handle.... in which case I'd really be in favor of splitting the veteran fleet into two: one t3 only and other t4 only.

officer briefings! seems like nice stuffs! not sure if I like it being bound to specific - often high tier ships of lines I wouldn't care about otherwise.

exponential increase in module research costs is kind of.... silly if you ask me. I have got to t4 in one week and now suddenly single module costs me more than a ship few tiers behind... and it ain't helping much than most of fun officer briefings are locked across many ships of different lines in this tier.

the game could also use more game modes, and while we are at this, conquest could definitelly use a touch up on rewards, as while it is really funny mode, a same score in conquest yields much less rewards in same time than other two modes...

also while in the tread of game modes - if team elimination is not going back then please, remove career progression mission to play these >.>

last but not least: It's kind of sad that I seem to be unable to access the ships description page for ships I already own, and for hero ship description page - it says these are historical ships... would be nice if description included something short about the history of said ship

this is all that comes to mind right now, I could probably say something on class balancing but then I am unsure how much of it are legitimate issues and how much of it is simple "l2p"

Best Regard fellas and see ya on the battlefields!