Well written down. I agree!
I'll be writing my own feedback soon-ish, but this covers a few things that I was going to mention. Well said!

I agree on the sound mixing, it's really off. Sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's quite. Most of the times, unless I'm shooting my main guns, I can't really hear the other sounds (Vulture missiles, broadsides, etc).

Also, they removed the engine sounds? I was really enjoying the heavy engine sound that pushed my Dreadnought forward, it really gave the ship character and it felt awesome. These days, I can't hear the engine at all.

No real problems with the UI (I just think I need to get used to it), but the sound mixing, I think, needs to get fixed. The induvidual sounds are great, but togheter with this mix... not so much.

"Give them a better firing graphic. Maybe pulse lasers so we really know they're firing and who at. They should feel impactful like a broadside but they currently feel like feather torture."

This! Right now, I'm not sure my fighters or bombers are doing anything. I mean, they might be awesome, but I'm not seeing it. Generally the last thing I ever see of my bombers are when they launch, then.. gone. I either outpace them, or they just kinda.. fly away. smile So confusing!


These two videos are my contributions. smile The first one is me gushing over how much I enjoy this game and why, and the second video is me playing a game with my Dreadnought. Hope you enjoy! - Excited for Capital Ships! - Dreadnought - Capital Ship Combat

I'd just like to add my voice to the people wanting a carrier class of ship (or modifications of previous ships to make them more carrier like).

I got this too. smile Had to Alt+f4 to get out, and now I'm unable to login again (stuck on login screen).