FYI - the Game is just loading on the Splash Page -
No Error message as of yet.

Got this also on STEAM / PC - - So bother PS4 & PC is down

Connection error:-1
Sorry, we can't seem to connect to the servers right now. Please try again later.

Is there a way to have on the main page how many active captains there are logged in? What would also be great is how many are queued up for a certain tier.

Hey PC Players,

I hooked up my PS4 to try out Dreadnought there. The Swipe pad does not work for anything like it does in Playstation.

What controller works well for all functions?

  1. give everyone a single hero ship per tier. Dont make it hard to find, like the Hactar. Make it part of the game. this will help more Legenday matching (although we hate the hactar)

  2. Tip players about how to improve.

  3. Feature the Welcome package better. Dont make players have to figure it out

  4. Encourage swaping tier play while Battle Bonus timer depletes

  5. Make a default wait time for all Tiers in match making. if 15 min + then pull 2 humans each. i know i see many on, queued up and still no match started. even of its 4 humans vs 2 - at least we get to play.

  6. Advertise on FB, YouTube, Cell/Tablet games

This forum is free QA so please think of these for suggested Requirements.

  1. While one waits - esp EST players, that you either
    a. have a time threshold where it will allow 1 vs 1 and the rest AI (or allow a setting to opt in for 1:1 game if wait time = 5 min or 10
    b. or tell us avg wait time per division (Legendar, Veteran, Recruit)

  2. Have a single player game like the Intro, but have obsticle courses. flying through rings, shooting targets.
    what would be real amaxing is to have an option to play such while one waits for a real match.

  3. and for goodness sake, it takes forever to upgrade! lower the credits cost some

Your only devoted players left are getting tired of the long wait.
we do love this game, and you already lost many.

somehow get on YouTube advertising
on Facebook all i see when you do advertise is old players mocking the game...

Maybe once On TV?

thank you