I started to play Dreadnough back in times before announcment of progression 2.0. I immidiately fell in love with the game and had a blast playing it. At the time there was also great passionate and friendly community around the game. I felt like this game had huge potential to become a great game.

Then everything changed when Mike Donatelli became game director and brought Progression 2.0 with him. No one from community liked it but they implemented it anyway. And despite false promises they implemented it in the worst possible way not paying attention to community concerns at all. After that pretty much the whole community left the game. And that was the time when Dreadnought died for me.

I still feel nostalgic every now and then and check the Dreadnought website to see what changed and always willing to give Dreadnought another chance to try new updates and so on. But I'm only more and more disappointed. They changed UI like 3X? They changed progression trees and mechanics couple times as well. But from the core game almost nothing changed. There was very few content updates bringing new maps and 2 new modules and that's it.

Now from what I see almost every update announcement is either marketing stuff or balance update changing numbers back and fort + some bugfixes. After so many years this game didn't develop at all. Greybox is no longer game developer company but rather monetization software developer company.

I'm very sorry for this game and will never ever return again.

I like hero ships as a bundle of cosmetic stuff. It has new model parts for ships, coating, emblems and so on.

I think prices for coatings are little bit too high but on the other hand I would prefer Dreadnought to have cosmetic 'microtransactions' as a main source of income instead of monetizating game being less pain in the azz. Anyway prices have to be affordable otherwise people won't buy it at all.

Corvettes always have been hot topic because people often don't know how to deal with them. It's not that hard to deal with corvettes if you understand what they are up to. If you aid to your team mates (artillery cruisers, tactical cruisers) to deal with them they are easy score for your team. It also requires better aiming skill which is something you're going to learn sooner or later.

2 more points:

  • I've noticed that they didn't get rid of spam attacks on forum.

  • However matchmaking was improved significantly. Good job on that.

When you introduced Dreadnought on steam I decided to give it a try after more than 2 years. So here are my thought to the current state of the game.


  • First of all I like new maps and new hero ships!

  • I am glad that possibility to customize ship model parts is back and works for ships in all tiers

  • Ballance of the game seems to me overall improved compare to the past. Corvets are bit weaker, offensive tac (cattaro) seems to be a thing and healing isn't that absurd as it used to be. However I still often have problem with double healer clusters because it's almost impossible to kill alone one of tac cruisers when other is healing it, because it is healed too fast.

  • I also like ballance changes to officier briefings and and some previously useless modules.

  • I like new GUI even thou in some cases it's still very unintuitive and confusing. For example when you buy new module you have click like 4 times?


  • Progression system is still huge pain. Even with elite status and plenty of hero ships I have to grind insane amount of time to get to the stage when I actually enjoy playing the game (playing favorite tier 4 ships, unlocking their modules and experimenting with different builds). Grinding part of the game cause huge amount of frustration for players. I accepted that many players are learning the game and are just very bad at the game and often you end up playing with them and if that's so there is nothing you can do to win the game alone. However if these failures affects you progression and slow you down throught the pointless grinding stage it exponentially increase frustration from these matches.

  • Tiers. Tiers 1 and 2 are completely unnecessary part of the game. Initial intent behind this bucket was to educate people - tutorial phase. But why do we have to go thought this every time we want to ulock new ship or officiers briefings? Tiers also cause disbalance issues. I hate when higher tiers picking on lower tiers when progressing to higher tiers same way as being part of the higher tier party against lower tier party which doesn't poses any challenge.

  • Scoring system. In a way it's good thing that scoring system affects final reward so that better players gets enough credit even if they lose the match. On the other hand I found this unfair in so many situations when I pulled of some interesting strategies which pretty much won't the game but I wasn't rewarded for that at all. Once again cause frustration because of the painful progression system and forces people to behive the way in which they are rewarded. On the other hand sometimes I get huge reward and I can't even say why.

  • Unnecessary and confusing currencies. In the current state of the game there is no place for the credit. Maybe it's because I'm playing with the elite status but even so I see no reason why do we have to have two types of currencies. Game could have been much simplier a intuitive without this bullshit.

  • After more than 2 years there wasn't any new content related to ships. We've got only two new modules I believe ( weapon booster and energy missiles) and that's it.

  • Fatal bugs. I several times experienced bug when experience or credit from match wasn't added to my ship. When money are involved to speed up the progression this type of bug is just unthinkable.

First of all, I am glad that something is happening. I appreciate new maps, improved UI, additional purpose for hero ships and bug fixes even though new ones poped up. However main issues introduced with Shipyard update are still untouched. Namely maintenace mechanic and general disbalance between different tiers. Also how long it is since you have promised separate progression tree for officer briefings?

Since all of my main concerns have been completely ignored I am not going to bother install game again.

I am basicaly not playing the Dreadnought since introduction of regression system. Not that I didn't give it a chance several times. From my point of view it took away a lot of fun and locked it behind intense grind wall and even if you put a lot of effort to access it, you are not allowed to enjoy your trophy due to punishing mechanics. There are many controversial statements like "We want you to build a fleet" but that is what you are punished for the most. Next huge mistake which in my opinion hurt the game a lot is introduction of tiers and mainly different power levels. That only completely messed up balance of the game, which is definitely not healthy for competitive multiplayer game.

Of course there had been many game improvements which I appreciate - we've seen new ship models, 2 new maps, performance optimalizations and graphic improvements. But from design prespective I can't find single thing in which regression system made the Dreadnought better game and even after half of the year full of negative feedback and complains from veteran and newer players you basicaly didn't change anything in this matter. How?

I am wondering who is behind all of this. That is one really bad decision maker. Did he even playing the game for fun?

Of course I can imagine that this greedy model work well for money gain but the question is for how long? It's shame that the game like Dreadnought with great potential to be awesome game became this.

Well there are better games, time to move on.

Thank you obliviondoll for all your effort.

Normandy03#6697 posted (#post-114442)

I don't mind being crushed by tier IV players, as long as I know I can get to tier IV myself in a reasonable amount of time. Quicken the progression, and everything else, I think, will take care of itself.

Now imagine the game where you are playing for fun on the same power level as everyone else and progress towards new customization options which allows you to experiment with different loadouts. Sounds promising? We already had that you know...

When you look at the News arcticle there are many promotions for cosmetic bundles these days. I am asking myself who do they think will buy these packs when the game is in its current state.

I won't buy any of these packs simply because I have no idea what is going on with this game. I am still waiting for changes related to regression 2.0. Who are willing to support the game with which are dissatisfied?

Hopefully these little marketing experiments won't discourage them from trying business model purely based on cosmetics just because they choosed wrong time to introduce it.

Anyway the game should have few default cosmetics options to choose from. Of course juicy ones would be paid.

Mordgier#7363 posted (#post-110147)

In short the monetization in this game is incredibly inefficient and unpleasant.


I am not playing Dreadnought anymore, but I am visiting news article every day in hope that something will change. And honestly I am doing is only for sake of impression that Dreadnought left in me during good old days. Well It's been a while and I am tired of seeing patch 1.4.2 which only combed tech trees and added another monetisation option. smile

Good bye.

Let Mike Donatelli explain you their intention. smile

DN_Timo#1002 posted (#post-71417)

Finding Your Ship vs. Building Your Fleet

We’ve received a lot of feedback from players saying that they feel the need to hoard their credits to be able to purchase the ship in the next tier—and so that they can ultimately reach tier V. “As Timo and I heatedly discussed earlier, I levelled up my tier-II ships first and enjoyed equipping them with new and more powerful modules,” says Mike. He admits that players currently seem to be striving to get to the highest tier as fast as possible, but just getting a tier-V ship isn’t as helpful as you might think. Let’s say that you just started playing and have improved all the ships in your Recruit Fleet. Having a powerful Recruit Fleet means that you win more often than you would if you rushed up the tiers. With a more powerful and versatile fleet, you find yourself in a “rock, paper, scissors” situation—and you have the ability to adapt to the battle better than you could before.

“Trying to get to the top tier is a behavior that totally makes sense for an RPG,” Mike continues: “In that kind of game, you’re trying to get your character all the way to the end and be as powerful as possible. This works when you have only one character. In Dreadnought, you don’t just have one character—you have multiple ships and even multiple fleets that play differently from each other. Successful players will take advantage of that, because without a proper fleet, you’re going to lose more often than not. If all you bring is Artillery Cruisers or Dreadnoughts, your chances of winning go down because you're not versatile enough. Your enemies will be able to switch to other classes that you won’t be able to counter. That’s the “rock, paper, scissors” part of the game.”

So with the Shipyard Update, Dreadnought has shifted focus away from finding the one ship that best fits your playstyle to building and continually customizing a powerful, versatile fleet...

I won't be paying for a bad game. I won't be even playing it. But I would love to pay for awesome game!

Computer games have potential to be beneficial educational tool for humanity. Unfotunately marketing and all that greediness often turn it into sickness. smile

Not being able to fully experience content I am supposed to grind for is reason enough to get rid of this bullshit. Nothing good ever came out of the Maintenace.