okay, so this is apparently abandonware and I'm the idiot for spending money on camo. Truly sad to see this game, with such amazing potential, get discarded like this.

It's 10 o'clock at night central time in US, what I would assume is a prime-time, and I've been in a Veteran queue for 26 minutes already and counting.
I feel like this game has jumped the shark. Server problems lately have resulted in people resorting to other games and not returning. I get "purchase failed" about 90% of the time when I try to buy Battle Bonus. I just blew 600 GP getting the camo package only to discover they only render in dock, not in game. (I've submitted bug reports about the latter two things, but no one seems to respond to them)

So, I'm not sure I'm ever gonna earn a T5 ship at this rate. I was one of the very original beta testers back in 2015 and had really high hopes for this game, but I feel like it continues to let me down.

Sooo.. it's been a week and I'm not sure anyone is even paying attention.
Here's photographic evidence...
Here's the ship in drydock:
Here's the ship in drydock
Same ship minutes later in game:
Same ship minutes later in game

Seriously needs fixed, and/or we need to refund for people who pay for camoflage package.

Mine disappear sometimes right after a reboot of the server. But if I restart the game, it usually shows up again (or they magically reappear a little later)

I was closing on my 100th contract today. Had 97 done, and got 3 new ones today.
I completed the first two, and the third was at 3/4, and when I acknowledged the completed ones, the 3/4 one vanished too. (I did not click reroll or anything), so I am at 99 and no contracts currently available.
Time was about 4am UTC time, 20201128

Unsure how this could have happened, and bummed I didn't hit my milestone and collect the career progression bonus from it.

I blew 599 GP to get the Camo pattern bundle. I added to all my ships in my fleet (well, except for my Tac Cruisers.. That's another issue, why is there no Camo pattern for them or the Nox??). Paint color was set to Ghost (red and black)
Then I got into game (with a Legendary Tier 4 Blud), and the color is right, but my camo is gone. Just a default pattern shown.
In next game I repeated with the Lorica - same thing - got the color, but no camo.
I spent actual cash to get the GP to get the camo package, so I am feeling like that was literally wasted money now. Pretty unhappy.

I attempted to report using in-game Bug Reporter, but the dang PS4 version seems to only give you like 40 characters max in the body of the message, so having to report it here.

Platform PS4
username brianbloom in game

sushiaddict#3113 posted (#post-79541)

Contracts working for captains over level 4 again?


Contracts working for captains over level 4 again?

I agree in particular with OP's #2 and #3 points. Losing access to the ships we wanted to play was ridiculous. I'm fine with a progression tree for weapons and modules within a ship - but where the heck is the logic in "oh, if you research a Drain Torpedo and Protean Autoguns, now you suddenly know how to buy a Palos!"??? (which uses neither of those, and is also almost a crippled useless ship, but that's a different rant)

I've uninstalled this game twice now, and the only reason I'm still playing this game at all is because I sank the money into a founder's pack and I keep checking to see if they've listened to user feedback and improved it any.

The grind just to get the ships we want to play is excessive. Have a grind within a ship to get the "cool" weapons, sure. But arbitrarily limiting the ship selection (as bait/incentive to do it?) is harsh. The Recruit games are so weird and boring since there's only a few ship types available (or allowed!) in it. Then the step to Veteran is too steep and you spend all your time getting destroyed because you can't afford anything once you've gotten there. I've been playing mostly Recruit games just to earn the money to buy things at the Veteran level because I just get creamed in the Veteran level with my skeletal tier III ship. Kinda messed up.

So, yeah, signing this petition - we need a revamp. I like a build tree, but the weapons and modules should be in a tree, ships shouldn't be. Let us buy what we want and upgrade it as we can afford to. Don't make us buy ships or modules we don't want to pay for or play. Good players will already make a small diverse fleet to adjust to game conditions, but let them pick the ships they prefer for that.

DESU_Wyvyrias#8434 posted (#post-39824)

Without a doubt, the changes in TE are great.

But when I see stuff like "All weapons over 7km range have been reduced to 7km maximum range." I have to ask myself if this game is going to be an ultra-simplified minigame when it's "done".

Of course, that change makes artillery cruisers more valuable again. But tbh, limiting their range to 7km was simply retarded to begin with.

Having all long range weapons all shoot 7km is just weird and arbitrary anyway. I really wish they'd focused more on varying the accuracy than dorking with the ranges. An artillery cruiser is a long rifle - everything it shoots should go in a really straight line and have high accuracy. A Gora or other gun ship could also legitimately shoot projectiles a long range, but with stubby cannons, the accuracy at 7km would be questionable.

Just like a .45 caliber pistol vs a hunting rifle. The former can shoot pretty far and could even clip an artie, but would take a lucky shot. The hunting rifle however will always have the accuracy edge. In a gunfight between them, the rifle should usually win, but the pistol still makes it a dangerous game. Regardless of max ranges, accuracy is the distinction.

Feels to me like another case where they went with artificial rules rather than playable realism...