add menu at launcher and not in game, i want to be able to modify my setting before i log into my game whether its window screen to full screen or increasing/decreasing resolution settings

Everytime i change graphic details i need to restart the game,why?

Match making taking a billion years to work im just sitting there and waiting

when buying new stuff buttons grey out and cant exit

when checking loadouts buttons grey out and cant exit

Matchmaking taking up forever , i have to sit and wait and nothing

Descent#9700 posted (#post-24277)

Jesus Christ!!!!! oh well , will tell gf work is done smile

later brahs and thanks for the info Descent smile

Descent#9700 posted (#post-24275)

look on twitter there pushing launch a few hours

youre kidding right? can you post link please

Yesugei#3685 posted (#post-24270)


well i already canceled on my gf for " Work purposes' so i want this to atleast be worth it lol

Admins, i need answers!!!

7 more mins. hold me brahs, all these feels

bumping this for everyone to see

the servers will be open at 2 pm gmt which is 9 am your time.

so almost 3 more hours until the servers are up and ready

Join in , dont be shy