Hello everyone, as of the moment of posting this, I'm 21!

... yay.

Drakane#2657 posted (#post-4686)

The plan currently is a private forum section as THD and Irish have said.

It'll be like a secret club house for the testers.

And I assume that this would be free for all to see once the game goes live/open beta?

Sherogorat#7757 posted (#post-4704)

I can´t decide if i´m the one who jumps out of the window or the burning dude. ö_ö

I'm the burning dude. I'm always the burning dude.

I'm just worried about the game referring to me as Captain Captain_Korth

I was originally going to vote for a camouflage skin for our ships, but then I realized that it's probably already in-game, so there would be no point. So I'll vote for nothing.

I know that closed beta is still a ways off, but I think it's important that we have a way of letting the developers know about any bugs/glitches/etc. that we end up finding when and after the beta comes out. Perhaps some sort of in-game bug reporting feature, or a subsection on the forums for this purpose.

I'll probably go destroyer most of the time. (Middle sized ships are usually my thing.) I may also use the tactical cruiser as well, and maybe the light dreadnought (probably wouldn't go heavier than that).

Selerox#6711 posted (#post-2649)

Can't wait to see the full range of Destroyer main batteries. Firepower uber alles!

Agreed! I am curious though if there's something that we can use instead of the ram ability. (Not really my style.) I'm in love with everything else I've seen about the destroyer.

Robotstyle#4892 posted (#post-3959)

Signed but I never got the newsletter telling me of beta signups so i wonder if a beta invite will ever come

Agreed. I want to ply this game really bad. I would be devastated if I never got a beta invite for this reason.

Whatever the campaign is, I hope it's epic and that I can take a destroyer in there and mess up everyone's day.

All I know about the game is from what I've seen in videos, but it seems like you don't have much in the way of armament underneath your ship. Maybe the static camera is a way of encouraging players to not let enemy ship get under them?