The Light Jupiter Arms Tac DOES NOT heal. So be sure you're not trying that one.

T3 is a tough place to be. There's very little the Devs can/are going to do about it. Just get out of T3. It'll hurt and be nasty, but the game only begins once you hit T4 (and got some kitted), so GL.

Dusting off this ol' one again? Alright, lemme tell you this: balance is in a good place these days, especially compared to what it was (I did frown at the reduction of the stasis pulse, but OK). Yes, Vettes are a pain in the proverbial neck, but that doesn't mean you are entirely helpless to kill them, even in an Arty (quite fun to do so with an Arty, too).

Other than that, a heads up. If you need to be mobile with sustained dmg, go DD. Need even more speed and burst dmg, take a Vette. You want to get them from afar with burst dmg, take an Arty. You need to tank, the Dread' the way to go. All your team mates getting shot down like flies, Tac's your friend.

TL;DR, adapt to your situation. If you're not kitted to kill Vette's, you either change ships untill no longer needed, or you make sure you get a ship that is. Do not demand the game (or it's players) adjust to fit only your play style. Try some, get a feel for them, see how you can make it work.

Yes please, if you are in a giving mood

I don't think the missing XP rewards came in with the 1.9.1. I believe it happened from time to time BEFORE the patch as well, but it was only rarely...

The only Elite I got was a little thank-you for beta-testing. Other than that, not a penny was spent (and that won't change until some of the mechanics change). With that, I got nearly every T4 (only the heavy vette and Jutland still locked), and 2 T5s. Just don't give in too soon, yes, you'll get stomped by geared T4s, but before you know it, you'll have all the modules you like/need to survive. Until then, use the mods from your T3 on T4.

And if anything, T4 matches (or T5, for that matter) are far from easier than lower tiers. After all, once you reach T4, you are bound to have more experience.

On your first point, poor design/sabotage. Second point, realism/current tech. This game, for all its merits, is a far cry from realism, and for all we know future tech might not work the way modern fighters and capital ships do. If Dreadnought was any bit realistic, we wouldn't stop without throttle in space, the ships could strafe and bank as well, and we'd be firing at each other from several miles (not just the 7km).

Please don't use the realism-argument to justify Vette's reaming Dreads (and yes, they can do so) just because a current fighter jet can sink an aircraft carrier. It's like complaining about GoT being unrealistic because the dragons can fly.

I do agree on change being neccessary for T2.

If Grim did flip over being told to 'git gud', I would recommend a self check for SOS. It's not as though they've never said anything the like to someone else. I'm not saying that justifies any 'git gud', because I find it to be one of the most useless, meanest, and inconsidderate things one can say to another. And if someone does say it, be the better person and ignore it, rather than to rally ones palls to avenge ones tainted self-esteem.

If you can't take it, don't dish it.

Same goes for Assault Warp on Vettes. I think it's stupid, too. Wait 'till you get Storm Missiled with a Drain module: nothing smart about it. At least Rams and ABW still have the positioning issue.

This particular combo on Destroyers is the stupidest thing since TE, though I recon I'd rather play TE than face Storm Missiles. Why do I think so? Same reason I believe Vettes should not have a disruptor module, a DPS module, AND a drain module (and ditch the disruptor missile on Destroyers for all I care): because you can't do much against it. Storms have a far higher damage and a way lower risk in using it than Rams.

I would suggest to switch the damages of the Ram and the Storms with perhaps a decrease of damage for the Storms, and make the Ram (along with Assault Blink Warp of the Vettes) no longer ignore shields ('cause, it's just stupid something ignores shields).