Add the Feronia (T5 Oberon Tac) for me

It seems as though it has got something to do with some sort of time-out. I recently had a launcher crash due to it being unable to reconnect, if I recall correctly. So if the log-in time expired, the game might not be able to connect to the servers properly, despite the game still thinking it can, the resulting miscommunication causing the 'You left the game room' error.

This is highly hypothetical since I have little real experience behind the scenes of games, but maybe it can lead to something.

I understand your motivation, Spurius, and I do not blame you (or anyone, for that matter) for it. But that would still show the imbalances the game still has, so I can only hope the Devs take note of it and do something to tweak it.

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Strange. I used my shields and ended with just barely surviving even with Auto-Repair (on my Aion). But I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the advice.

That is most likely because you don't realize you are being hit by interceptor until the second fighter come

No, I saw them coming from the far side of the map. It was a TE match and Spurius I believe launched them. Couldn't hit them, raised shields, shields drained rapidly, Auto-repair, survived with only a few HP.

Agreed. If the Tesla/Flak range is increased to, say, 1000m, the Vettes would still have their ship's length to not get hit, while still increasing the usefullness since the larger and slower ships don't have to bridge such a large gap. This issue has persisted for some time already, mainly in the OP-Vette discussions.

Mines are my #1 Vette-killer on Tacs. They keep Vettes from blindly flying in for an easy kill, those that do not learn to be careful get blasted. Essentially mines make sure Vettes don't have it too easy killing a Tac and forcing them to be very, very careful.

Also, I believe the detection range = blast range. I use Nuke-Mines frequently and as long as I'm outside the 680m or so range, I don't get blasted myself.

Strange. I used my shields and ended with just barely surviving even with Auto-Repair (on my Aion). But I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the advice.

Ok, what's it with these gnats? Nothing short of a full-health Dreadnought can survive the F****ers, they are near impossible to hit even with a tac, and they do 30,000 dmg in 1 run. Keep the Vettes the way they are for all I care, but please reconsidder these InstaGib planes.

The Fulgora is indeed a bit clunky and slow compared to the other vettes, but I was forced to learn to be good with it as I needed the Vindicta too. Heck, I even became rather good at it. But now that I have the Vindi (and boy, do I love that ship. Also my first T5), I hardly use it anymore. In the end, though, if you like the Vindicta play-style, the Fulgora grind is totally worth it.

As the Fulgora you can basically hunt other vettes due to a (near) 360 firing-arc or just harrass other players. You'd have to ask e.g. Slowrope or GreedyOpossum (just had some matches where they used a Fulgora or a Medusa) for play-style advice.

Call me a nit-picker or what have you, but I like seeing attention is paid to the little details as well, e.g. when you hit a dread-spawned fighter you get 10+ Debris (refference to the teaser trailer "Probably just debris, Sir," I believe).

Another thing I noticed is (on higher resolutions, that is) that in the hangar there are little people walking around and sitting on boxes and missiles, and a fighter is sitting on a platform just under the starboard side of the ship you're viewing. However, I compared the people to the boxes, and the boxes to the fighter, and I noticed that if one of those tiny people were to be sitting in said fighter, it would be a little cramped i.e. the fighter seems too small in comparison.

Anyways, like I said, nothing major, just a little detail.