It certainly kills the fun, and there's no counter smile

I play the Tac quite frequently and also manage to get quite some kills using the Tesla Pods (and Nuke Mines, but you'll get to those). Along with those I use Auto-Beams (so you don't have to focus on your team and can look around), and Auto-Repair, because, well, why not. Since you don't have a Nuke Mine yet, you could try to use the Healing Pod instead and switch the Auto-Beams for a Blast-Pulse. That way you maintain some healing whilst still being able to fend for yourself.

Hope this helps and GL HF

Just had this 3 times in a row. Devs, FFS, this is getting more than just mildly annoying.

Now, that's sad (and just plain outragous smile). Even though this is an extreme (not by much though), it does illustrate the severe OPness of certain vette builds. Vindictas can be fast and powerfull as well, but at least they are WAY more hittable than a vette.

Now I know there are other players that are good using a certain class, but my tolerance for vettes has been worn rather thin after it being a(n unresolved) problem for so long.

Ehh, Smoker, I think (hope) that was meant as a joke?

Blink Warp does have a low cool-down, especialy when module-boosted in some way, so perhaps that is what you saw.

And buffing the Palos is going to make vette counterplay, like, what, harder? Also, I see you are probably playing PS4 version, whereas Lupus (right? I remember matches with you) and I are on PC. That being said, perhaps that is where our disagreement comes from. On PC the balance on Paloses (and other tacs) and Vindictas is quite alright.

Perhaps being on PC or PS4 should be in the names or something, just to avoid such confusion, as it happened on other threads that there was some misunderstanding due to a complaint on PS4, but PC players responding.

Things I encountered that were flagged were, but are not limited by:

  1. Bl00dy

  2. A$$

  3. $h1t

  4. Dam+n

Just to name a few...


If you know more, perhaps a list could be made to avoid similar problems.

Defiler#6506 posted (#post-133136)

For the anti-corvette mob, answer this:

What should the mission of corvettes be according to you? How would corvettes be played after you changed them?

I have been thinking about these vettes, and I think I may have (parts of) a solution. Give them the role of disruption and minelayers (using Heavy Cloak).

Remove the Drain Torpedo, (and replace it with something like the Disruptor Missile, or something), remove or alter the Weapon Amp, the Armour Amp and the Speed amp so (especially) the Dovers (and to a lesser extend, the Krashniks) don't overkill, tank so much or bail out too fast (becoming nigh unhittable, even by tacs), and change the 100% shield absorb to 95%.

The combination of both the DT AND the DP allows for very little counterplay when combined with WA or Cloak.

Perhaps in return health may be buffed a bit for Dover and Fulgora vettes (getting the T4 +2.5 HP).


I try to keep the vettes worthy ships, and I'm not claiming this is the solution, it's just my 2 cents at an attempt to solve the issue.

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-133242)

Vindicta has 22,500 HP, 2.5k more than the heavy 'vette and light tac.

Light Particle Turrets are a destroyer secondary weapon that do laughable DPS, but have no damage drop-off and can reach 6km. Not very useful as their damage is lower than destroyer main guns at max range; I personally feel the guns are missing a digit in their rate of fire.

My bad, and yes, they are laughable (reason I thought arty is because I thought no one even equipped those things smile).

Chameleon_Silk#1088 posted (#post-133246)

tesla has 700m range im saying make beam actually do some damage on the heavy damage tac cruiser the beam does feeble damage outside close range where youd be trying to get to tesla range up close its damage should be better then a jutlands dps and guven you can see the beam there should be some concession made as currently you are slow and feeble a vindicta can run you down and kill you, you should at least be on par with its speed otherwise why woild you ever want the heavy damage tac cruiser over the vette killing vindicta???

vindicta shouldnt be a vette killer its a destroyer, tac cruisers job. the fact it can do so shows how broken the vindicta is, it should be brought in line rather then only being countered by stasis stuff. literally the only counter for it. so i really feel it should have dps nerfed up close and have slightly lower health.

Sure, the teslas could use a slight range-buff (like the flaks), but why should a tac out-damage a dread?

You're not supposed to outrun them, as a Koschei, your main job is to position yourself in such a way you don't have to and stick with dreads and other tacs. Beyond that, you can always go for the Aions instead or use the machine guns. And don't be fooled by their appearance, Aions can be slippery f***ers. And since vettes tend to run, you need a ship that can run them down with enough firepower.

Chameleon_Silk#1088 posted (#post-133268)

as it stands the extra hundred or so dps isnt worth losing the healing ability on the beam. its funny you say you have hard time hitting them which goes to show you shoot at them not fly them and so probably have no idea of how to actually fly a tac cruiser and/or know their strengths or weaknesses.

Others have a hard time hitting me. I fly Aions, Vindictas, and a lot more, and used to fly Koscheis (before tiers) and Fulgoras (for the Vindicta). Vindictas are one of the better vette-hunters out there (one of the bloomin' reasons I got them in the 1st place), Aions are ideal when there are vettes, and what I remember from Koscheis is that once you get into a good position, you can keep even the largest dreads up and running, just don't expect to do too much damage yourself (for that you need to rely on your team, so keep. them. alive.).