• When you research and try to mount new secondaries, a window pops up saying ''Failure, Something went wrong.''

I don't know if you actually mounted secondaries, so possible performance bug.

  • In some cases when you click battle and MM finds one, on loading screen you get booted back to hangar.

Happened to me after I finished 1 match, I instantly wanted to join another, it took me 3 seconds to get into the MM Queue, another second for the MM to find a match, it was Kappa base, and on loading screen I got booted back to hangar

  • In some matches on Loading Screen, game just freeze and you have to restart your PC.

  • On some occasions you can experience Respawn bug, where after your ship is knocked out you are not able to Respawn, not even by Force Warp feature.

  • On some occasions, if you play a ship that has a Tractor Beam, visual effects of the Tractor Beam will appear from 2 places at the same time, happened to me in Morningstar, I Tractor-Beamed a Corvette, he tried to get out of range, I warped into him to close the distance (Hehhe, sort of like shown in the trailer hehehhe smile), my tractor beam array directly from the ship was shown and from my previous position. THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE BUG, TRACTOR BEAM WORKS!

  • On some occasions, randomly during a match or in hangar, game CAN crash.

Prior to Progression 2.0, I only experienced RARE crashes, but after Progression it seems a bit more frequent.

I mean, Koschei is strong, but you have to use tactics. Either focus out the Tac with your team, not even Koschei can withstand focused firepower, or try to hit the target out of range from his healing beams or on low HP.

Yup, this is definitely for someone who works in Grey Box, Jager or SixFoot to answer..

I think you are just being impatient, let it install, wait couple of minutes. If you have a HDD that is nearly up to the limit or its old, extracting data can be, hm, lengthy.

To the OP, don't do anything, just let the launcher do the work, Download HTTP Failure fixes itself.

No, the launcher doesn't contain anything malicious, you probably set your Windows security to ''PARANOID''.

You are aware that you can notice corvette that is in stealth if you pay attention? Only thing that insta-kills everything squishy is ABW, but ABW corvs cannot go into stealth.

I didn't want to wait to get into Closed Beta by invitation so I paid 10$ (8 Euros) and I got everything from that package, no issues, no problems, but my question is, what if I want to buy Merc package as well?

Since Merc package offers Morningstar ALSO, and I already got a Morningstar for the Hunters Pack, to I get GP value of the ship or what?