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Not entirely correct. Destroyers have Drain Torpedo which acts like a missile. I use it all the time to drain a target's shields before my missiles/nuke hits.

I don't know if this has been commented on, but the lore on the Red Sands map doesn't match the actual map. The map's lore says that it's a terraformed Callisto. But based on what you can see in orbit and on the surface, it's most definitely not Callisto. This map is more like Mars than anything. Callisto is a moon of Jupiter, yet Jupiter is nowhere in sight in orbit or on the surface. True, Callisto is the farthest of the four largest moons of Jupiter, but Jupiter is HUGE and still should be quite large when viewed from Callisto. Second, in orbit there are two large asteroids near this world. Callisto is not near any asteroid-like moons of Jupiter, and no asteroids orbit Callisto. These asteroids, however, are consistent with the two asteroid-like moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. Third, the map's name and its appearance indicate a reddish, sandy surface. While photos of Callisto do show some portions of the moon being slightly reddish, Mars fits this description far better since its surface is almost entirely covered by iron oxide (rust)-rich dust and rocks.

Kinda long astronomy lesson, but it seems like the Dreadnought team actually cares about lore somewhat, and this error undermines that a little.

I'll pick the third.

My House Oberon ships are named after natural phenomena (ex. Cascade, Tsunami, Tectonica, Lightning...).

My Jupiter Arms ships are named after weapons and shields (ex. Gladius, Targe, Bayonet, Warhammer...).

My Akula Vector ships are named after rocks and minerals as they all use the Karat Syndicate coating (ex. Obsidian, Silica, Quartz...).

I only named T3 and above ships 'cause I figured that the others would be too weak to be given unique names in a fleet.

The main gun on the Akula Vector T4 artillery cruiser only has one damage range (less than or equal to 7000m) but when aiming at something within this range, the reticle only changes to yellow, never red (indicating sub-optimal range). Since it has only one damage range, it should always be red if the target is in range.

How about this:

Armada/Scamble: 1 team of 8(?) players needs to protect a flagship or location (maybe Sinley Bay?) from a horde of AI ships warping in in fleet formation (outnumbering the players). When enough enemy ships are destroyed, they are replaced by new reinforcements in groups warping in at random locations. When players are destroyed, they respawn near the flagship/location like normal. Once enough ships are destroyed, the enemy flagship accompanied by an elite guard will warp in. Destroying this ship will end in victory for the players. If the player's flagship or location is destroyed, it's game over.

The effect I'm aiming for is something like the final space battle of Mass Effect 3 where two large fleets, each guarding a target of strategic value, duke it out in spectacular fashion in one main battle line. I don't know if this is possible since I don't know how many ships can be in a game at any one time but it seems like it could be pretty fun if done right.

I noticed that the Armor Amplifier IV on dreadnoughts is completely different than the one for artillery cruisers. I wanted to put Armor Amplifier IV on my Nox but I found out that it only lasts just 2 seconds. Is this really how it's supposed to work? 95% reduction for just 2 seconds? That's barely enough time to last just 2 shots from just about any weapon. The dreadnought version gives 90% reduction for 10 seconds. I know the cooldown for the artillery cruiser version is 10 seconds vs. 30 seconds for the dreadnought version, but in most cases, I don't think you're going to survive to be able to use it again, so the shorter cooldown is irrelevant. As it is, I think it's pretty much useless. Maybe reduce the damage reduction and increase the cooldown in exchange for making it last longer (or just make it the same as the dreadnought version)?