I have a few grips about the PS 4 verse of the game,

The warp system is hit or miss. similar to the the nukes, if you move the cross hairs your warp is changed, at times it dosent warp at all or warps you to a location where you didn't want to warp (in the heart of an attacking fleet). Is it the cross hairs for warp or the direction you are facing.....

Artillery Cruiser missles cannot be protected from impact by laser systems/or any other protective system in the game. It is always an automatic hit, I can shot down 16 - 20 Dreadnought or Destroyer missles, but not a single Artillery missle.....

Proving Ground BOT(s) don't follow commands when focus fire on this target....they just do there own thing...

Are the micro nukes laser guided or self guided....I am confused, If you keep your cross hairs on the target and press square as they decend to detenate your fine. If the target is destroyed before they hit, the nukes just fly off somewhere and detonate, even thou the cross hairs are steady and hasn't moved. The minute you move the cross hairs, while mid-flight the trajectory is changed. Why program the game to state micro-nukes locked, but their not locked. You have have to keep the cross hairs on the target or waste the nukes by not pressing square at the right moment.

Corvettes/or BOTS in the game are overpowering. All the BOT(s) have tier 8 weapons, but the "Corvettes" usaually cannot be destroyed by a single player from a distance or closeups without a considerable amount of effort (in your face), verses when I fly my tier 2 - 3 I am destroyed with a couple shots evn if fleeing or locked on rockets with a shield up. Damage is not equally distributed (UI v. Human).

I have also run across (real) players in Lower tier/or Upper with tier 8 weapons (Rank 50 captains) that hit you two to three times in a Dreadnought, and your dead. If BOTS/or hacks are allowed to have tier 8 weapons in the game, (other than hero) normal players should as well.

It is really a stupid strategy to program the game to switch roles and gather two - three healers (BOT(s)) in a group to prolong the game. It takes an awwwwwwful long time to break this combo with BOTS/or human counter parts.

The game also after playing a few rounds, the sounds in the background seem to audiable louder and louder, if I don't reset the game it becomes unplayable.

The grind for upgrades is surreal if you don't do micro transactions. Lower the grind or increase the rewards for matches played - 60,000 to 65,000 for a tier 4 ship (with 14 to 28,000 unlocks), then it drastically jumps to 225,000 xp (300,000 credits) to purchase a non-upgraded tier 5 ship....which probably has several nodes that require 30 - 40,000 for a single unlock. Balance out the reward system to justify grinding countless hours for a few XP/Credits.....