You must be a pretty amazing web developer to know a lot about SEO. Can you help me with making sure content cached in my Service Worker can still be actionable in Bing searches? I think that my SSR HTML is maybe confusing Google about the...

The joke is most good Web Developers will tell you they don't know about SEO. It's a specialty that often is researched by people who are not terribly sophisticated web developers.

Oh, and that it's hard.

But trust me, "Dreadnought" is plenty searchable compared to the truly inscrutable things out there. Even Google couldn't make their language "Go" searchable. Poor choice.

The irony of this is that it's almost certainly a dreadnought running defensive mods and shield management that actually enabled the healer to outheal his offense. So even as he talks down, odds are a defensive ship is what steamrolled him.

You need not store a plaintext password when a long-lived session token would work fine. If I only have to login once a week, that's fine.

I use a password manager (Lastpass) and I had to downgrade the security of my password to make it regularly typeable. If someone compromises my computer they can put a keylogger on me anyways, so please consider saving these credentials (or ideally a long-lived session token) to disk.

Thunderchild#1995 posted (#post-37109)

Yup, insane risks. Mostly "dying of boredom while keeping repair beam attached to friendly ship scoring 10 points a second for repairing ship at full armor"

It seems to be a universal constant in every game community that players tell each other what "fun" actually is. Thank goodness these brave souls are here to tell everyone else how they're wrong!

Worth 1.5 times the score of a Destroyer player that actually has to move into enemy fire to place hits and possibly neutralize a target. Worth 2-3 times the score of a artillery cruiser finishing off ships fleeing the fire zone of said destroyer.

I'm new here so maybe I'm missing the obvious subtext, but what is your suggestion here? You don't like the idea of purely individual contributions scoring well, but you also seem upset that team-oriented actions score well.

Is your complaint, "I do not know how to fly a high-scoring destroyer game and it is not well-documented, so I am frustrated I can't also score well?" That's an entirely valid complaint, if so. The definition of success probably should be clearer. But you seem to be making some broader statements about the gameplay elements itself.

Worth 1.3 times the score dreadnought being repaired that's actually absorbing the damage from drawing enemy team out.

I noticed this Vanguard and Gunchief ribbon coming up over and over again in my first games. It seems like score rewards. Am I doing something wrong? I mean I've only played a handful of games now so please feel free to correct me.