Counters to vindicta:

  1. Stasis

  2. purge

  3. drain

"Tankland" is too slow to be useful , better get medium or light dread for that task. In Jutland before you get to place where you can be useful half of the battle passed.

Just warp it

same here , 2000 or more points and same amount of xp , sometimes a little higher . But in onslaught i would get 5k or more xp for 2500 points

But i watch my credits constantly and currently i have no issues with them . I try to keep my balance over 100k so i can buy 4 t4 modules in short time just in case few ships get xp for modules i want in the same time but for quite long time i bought every battle bonus just to get more xp as money was no issue

I don't play t5 currently , still i have a lot to grind in t4 :p

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T4 vet with mod reboot and scrambler mines can drop two groups of 4 mines before the target is aware of what is going on. Bad tactic in my mind, but it can be done. That would certainly seem like chained pulses.

More new T4 pilots are unlocking mod reboot first I have noticed when looking at my teams fitting during team creation. I think they are trying to create as much suicide damage as possible perhaps out of frustration considering the matching system is so skewed.

Mod reboot on a corvette? Pass me some of that weed pls.

There is OB that reboot all modules when health drop to certain values so it is possible

I can't agree that buying battle bonus is waste , i constantly buy it and i am still able to make enough money to buy all modules i want . And i play without elite status

TE was fun , yes i know it was all about healball and breaking it but breaking that heal ball was fun part .

Mode was simply bad for new , inexperienced players and for those who didn't have any "anti-healball" modules .

First we ned to change option to choose game modes , Any and Choice of single mode is bad . I would prefer simple checkbox , so i can choose to play modes i want . It could probably solve issue with TE as people who want to play it could just check that box and still be in queue for other modes

To be fair at first i felt Storms were nerfed too much , but it was probably because i was too used to my Storm Vigo and had no idea how to play that ship without storms . But even now people call those missiles OP . I adapted , i switched ships , changedf my builds and now i have storms on my Blud and i love it , just use it on small maps , load storms+light flechettes and enjoy .

They are good as they are now , deadly but requiring good map, ship and pilot combination

Somehow i don't like repeaters at ranges above 3 km , but then main guns come with help. I like Loricas main guns , i know it has bad spread but for me it can be good as it is easier to hit small fast targets with those , just spray and pray