So guys lets start constructive thread with modules feedback. As we all know there are some that are clearly out of place , some are very very bad , others are just meh .

If we want improvement in game we must give serious feedback too , please don't post about OP corvettes, tacs and make stupid discussions . Keep it clean so maybe devs will have easier time repairing what is broken.
As i don't play all the ships , i didn't test all modules i can't make feedback on my own.

patch 1.10

Very bad and useless modules

  1. Interceptors - yeah famous interceptors now thanks to nerf or maybe a bug are completely useless, their damage is so low there is no real reason to use them anymore. They were easly countered before but if you caught someone off guard you could do serious damage. Now they are as easy as before to counter but damage is around ~10k to enemy that is not even trying to defend against them

  2. Bombers - absolute garbage , low damage, unreliable , easy do counter

  3. Scattergun Broadside - low damage, very low range , absolute garbage and nightmare to use. If it had insane damage potential at this distance it might be useful , but now there is no reason tu use it over plasma or ballistic

  4. Endurance mode - total rework required

  5. Jutland main guns - first thing you learn about Jutland is to never use main guns , they are absolute garbage , very low damage , when they start to do any you are in repaeters range and you should always use repeaters and fly like you have no other weapon

Bad modules that can be useful in very specific conditions, but overall requre some love

  1. Fighters - to be fair for example full tank Jutland if is defending against enemies and they come to you in the 2.5 km range those tiny little buggers can pack quite serious punch . I've seen dread melted by them like it was under constant fire from plasma broadside . But overall they are unreliable, hard to use and very bad offensive tool . My main isse with them is very low roaming range and very long response time making them only usable against slow or immobile targets . Corvettes and fast destroyers can zip around you and seems like your fighters are not even bothering chasing them .

  2. Assault Thrusters - Idea behind them is not bad , but they should have some additional buff effects , maybe more control . They are not very bad , but there is no reason to use them over Warp jump

  3. stasis ammo - as with AT , no reason to use this over Evasive maneuver or energy generator , it should have some additional effects , something clsoer to purge . Maybe not full purge as it could be too OP but some energy regeneration block to enemy , and tiny modules disruption .

  4. Storm missiles - yes they are bad now , difficult to use , you need to get very close . Only Vindicta can use them reliably , but why use storms if you can use ram at this kind of ranges ? Overall overnerfed . I loved their speed and reliability , range was OK , all you had to do was to reduce damage so it wasn't killing anything that wasn't a dread . I would prefer much lower dmg , for example 15k (20k with weapon amp) but keep the range . What was scary and best with them was their speed, maneuverability and ability to track nearly every target.

  5. all type of weaponbooster, energy booster and other buff missiles , unreliable, no one use it , hard to use when you want them . To be fair game is quite fast , you need all buffs and debuffs delivered exactly when you want them , not "ok i launch that missile and after 4-14 seconds it will hit"

Good modules but need some love to be seen everyday or just made obsolete when you progress in tech tree

  1. Drain torpedo - range nerf was bad , it is easy to dodge , long CD , and we really really need more debuff tools in the game , not only dps and tank/heal or everything will turn into turtle fight

  2. Disruptor missile - it is ok and not ok at the same time , what it lacks is ability to use it when you need it . For example Ju(mp)tland is using warp to run away on low health? Sorry my disruptor missile started spinning around him and don't want to hit or for some bizzare reason it is taking very long time to get to a target that is 2 km away. We need to be sure with debuff and buff modules that they are delivered exactly when we want them . If i would know that my disruptor missile will hit target 4 km in 2 seconds after i launched it , it would be ok. I could time it , i could learn and adapt but right now i launch it and there is too much random stuff going on before it hits . And it is buggy , not breaking dread armor pulse

  3. Tempest missiles - yes we use them for quite long time but when we get into t4 they become obsolete , low speed , long launch time , not very big damage . Please make all missiles useful but different . SO repeaters have average range , average speed, average tracking and good damage , bring back old range on storms but lower damage making them very fast, low range (3km, please 3 km) low damage and keep their speed , launch speed and tracking ability , so in the end make Tempests hit like a truck , they are slow , they launch slow , they are very obvious to dodge and counter so make them devastating when they hit . 30k of not boosted dmg would be nice at t4 :p

OP modules that reqire some changes

  1. Adrenalien shoot - i think it was nerfed some time , i feel like it was genereting more energy few months ago but i am not sure. My main issue with this skill is that it depend heavly on amount of HP you are restoring. If you heal only one small ship you don't get much but when you pop bubbles everywhere , start using autobeams , and you pop a drone that is healing you energy starts to go so high you can tank enemy shoots better than a dreadnaught and laugh at them because not even purge or drain effects can stop you from regenerating your energy.

We need more usable debuff options . Maybe change some modules like stasis ammo on destroyers , no one use it . Change it into drain ammo, that does not reduce your dps , does not drain energy of atacked ship fast but completely block any type of energy regeneration for 10 seconds .

This is just example but most of debuff modules are bad , easy to dodge and not very reliable . Builds that not focus on damage or defence are nearly extinct

I recently got blud, thanks to new path noticed that my long Dola grind was over but i really don't like its guns.
Yes at close ranges they are awesome and powerful but at longer distances i have troubles hitting targets reliably . First i barely see projectiles to lead properly, second they are slow , and third they lose a lot of power with the distance .

But it is maybe because i focused from the start on Medium line and i really liked those guns

And most important, i have Vigo almost fully researched , and Blud is stock , it is real pain now to grind those modules

I had some battles where even at point blank my KOshei couldn't heal Jutland , he melted so fast , but enemy had 3 t4 artys in division and they melted that Jutland in seconds .

But it is true, there are some issues with survivability .

For example i can use my Koshei as bait for enemy team , being constantly visible , full energy , and self healing using bubbles , repair drone , energy from adrenaline shoot and energy generator . Of course as long as they don't try to shoot me seriously .

But imho it is ot issue of modules, hp pool . Yes adrenaline shoot is a little to OP , if you heal only one ship from minor damage energy generation is low , but when you are sorounded by your own bubbles and enemy is shooting multiple ships energy generation go up too high .

Main issue is lack of usable drains in game , and even if they are there they are quite far away behind Xp wall or are very risky to use like purge ram . Drain torps have low range and are easy to dodge , drain pulse is very very risky to use . Not many people use purge beam . There is currently only one good anti-tac and anti-turtle tool which is Tartarus missile . But not many people use it because "it does not deal damage" and rest of your team can't use the fact that half of enemy team is drained, immobilised and without any modules for 10 seconds.

Any type of drain effect should block any type of energy generation in first place , worst thing to see is draining enemy koshei to see that his energy is going back even with drain effect on him

I agree with smurfy .

Yes they reduced the grind to get next ship slightly in raw xp and money . But they changed this grind into much more painfull as you take much longer to get useful modules , and some very good are locked behind so big wall of xp that it is no fun grinding them .

Yes after the change i got 2 t5 ships and i am very close to third when in 1.9.5 i was so far away from them i didn't even dream about geting those but grinding new t4 ship became very frustrating as i need at least twice as much xp for every module than before and good useful and not broken modules are deep in the tree resulting in long painfull grind using bad , very bad or broken modules .

So after some grind got modules i wanted.

  1. repeater missiles are quite ok, sometimes very surprising as people tend not to raise shields against them , maybe they see 2 tiny missiles so they don't bother

  2. disruptor missiles are now my thing , stoping Ju(mp)tland from going away to safety? No problem . Arty is constantly evading shoots by strafing ? No problem. Vindicta is coming at you ready to ram ? No problem

  3. Weapon Amp combined with weapon booster pulse and energy to weapons is deadly, it is really really deadly if enemy is not expecting this and they usually don't . I know it is short burst but anything smaller than dread and not evading your shoots is most likely dead especially if you already have repeaters on the way to them to finish them off

So i changed my gameplay, isntead of fast flanking and picking weak targets with the storms i stick to the bloob and just apply huge burst against anyone that is willing to take the beating still keeping "safe" 3-4 km distance from enemies

With shields raised , slow and steady i have 85% damage reduction , + retaliator that reduce CD of everything greatly + get on my good side. With good tacs you can just sit in open pumping damage and laughing at their dpm

My only issue is thjat my gameplay become more static

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-201968) said:

“we wanted to make this progression change to incentivize players to try new modules on ships they were playing instead of hoarding credits to buy the next tier ship and having a miserable experience along the way

Issue is that people didn't want to try new modules, issue is that 1/3 of those are bad , 1/3 is very bad and rest is more or less useful.
In previous system i could buy useful modules and grind towards new ship , now i am forced to buy all the garbage in the tech tree to get new ship , and that garbage is twice as expensive as before.

Bad thing now happened at t4 , grind towards useful modules is much harder, longer and painfull as you are forced to play with bad , very bad or even worse modules untill you get .

So we changed short painfull grind towards useful modules and then grind towards next ship into long painfull grind towards next ship unlocking all the garbage along the way . Thanks

I used Storm Vigo to take out Tacs and arties from the flank , now i can't do this anymore . Guns are very very unreliable against those ships

So "less turtling" nerf gave us more turtles , Koshei is coming back to game , more dreads, more passive play . Nerf to anti-turtle weapons like Storms and Starling made game passive again. Just before this path it was slowly geting more dynamic , i didn't see a lot of turtling , most of the time team that gathered in one place was wrecked by Starlings . Now nothing is keeping people from making a blob around their Koshei+Aion combo .

Before that path i was long before i could even fream about t5 ship . Just logged in , spent ~80k credits on already researched modules and got Atos and MOnarch :p

But yeah , grinding all those modules from scratch might be painfull now