Best part about this "anti-turtle" policy is that i noticed much more turtling with 1-2 koshei+aion than before the path

I keep trying to find a role for my Vigo but more i play less i like it now , to be effective i have to change tactinc . No more flanking duelist . And staying with the turtle spamming nukes is not my thing , at least not this ship

I just bought Blud and i am slowly grinding towards useful modules

I used whole line as gunboats from the begining , but this was the time when Dola was very very bad . Storms were nice boost to overal poerformance , and one of few weapons able to break the Turtle , other was Starling .

So they nerfed most of anti-turtle weapons and say "there will be less turtling because we nerfed auto-heal . Yeah all i see is retunr of KOshei into the game , not less turtling .

As for repeaters i know why they are so unreliable . Their maneuverability is not very good so faster and more agile ships like Oberon arty can easly dodge them , and those are 2 missiles axploding into bunch of smaller missiles just before they hit so it is easier to block them when using terrain . It is much easier to break LoS with 2 missiles instead of 20

About disruptor , i mostly wanted it to be anti-tank ability and it is not working against dread Armor Amp so i assumed it is not breaking any active ablity.

So is weapon amp working ? or it is some tiny +15% dmg increase? pre-path i could buy it for 18k xp as i recall now it is 45k and i don' want to waste it

Issue here is it was similar situation like with interceptors pre - nerf (or it is bug , whavetever their damage is terrible now) , if enemy was expecting your storms they were not so effective . If he could raise shields , damage was pitiful , if he could break LoS , damage was 0 . Correct positioning , way in, way out and other things were required to properly use Storms against enemies that had any clue what are they doing. Those who were using them as "press 1 win button" were easy prey :p

But back on topic. As Goliath carrier Blud is far more stronger, as i said before Vigo is best at medium range

Everyone know about latest Storm missiles nerf and now i don't know what to do with my Vigo .

I used Storms + drain torp combo with weaponboster pulse and evasive maneuver to get into Storm/drain torp range fast and get out of enemy effective range faster. Now i have no idea what to do , guns are still awesome but i have hard time choosing good modules set

Repeater missiles are not so reliable like storms but i am currently focusing on those as Tempests are slow in flight and slow to launch.

Drain torpedo after range nerf feels useless to me , i do not get so close to enemy . In Vigo 3000-4000 always felt like optimal range if i want get closer i choose Blud or Vindicta .

Disruptor missile don't "break" active modules like purge effects so for me they have very low combat effectiveness

Weaponbreaker missile same as disruptor feels rather bad

So my only option are Light Fletchetess but aqre they any good ? As current module price is rather high all kinds of experiments on ship builds require much more grind so i don't want to spend my time geting some total garbage.

And what about last slot? Weapon Amplifier is any good ? Module reboot and energy generator for me have too high CD and i don't use them too often.
Warp is out of question


I use repaters and weapon pulse on my Vigo help me choose other modules thanks to Storm nerf

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KaraMon#0559 posted (#post-180665) said:

Nooooooo what will happen to my Storm Vigo ? Nooooooo

Repeater missiles are the new meta, at least that's what I've been told.

Been there , done that , they are slow and unreliable .

Storms are powerful only combined with drain torp, with drain torp range reducedthey would be less effective . Instead of range i would like to see some damage reduction . With 2 km range there is no point to use them when you can get plasma ram :p

Nooooooo what will happen to my Storm Vigo ? Noooooooo


sadly they do nothing to useless modules like fighters , bombers and they nerf usefull

Just bought starling missiles for my Lorica but i see it is time to go back to Tartarus , at least this nuke is not nerfed

Could you give link where i could check all incoming changes?

As i recall they buffed her optimal range and projectile spread . Before buffs you had to get below 1200 m to do any damage . Now it start to pump serious damage around 2500m and it get even higher as you get closer

i have all 3 tier 3 corvettes and i like Fulgora the most . Ability to circle around the anemy and keep shooting is very good .

I run with light cloak , drain torpedo, disruptor pulse and afterburner to get away fast