Dola was buffed recently , now it is monster imo , at least compared to what it was 2 months ago

Corvette cankilllightdreadinperfectconditions? So what ? Missile salvo can destroy anything that is not Jutland inperfect conditions and without any risk.

What is very funny you can defend against corvettes, try fighting 4 or sometimes 5 t4 arty . Dreads pop like ballons and even 2x Koshei can't keep them alive, whoever get out of cover gets obliterated and even in corvette you can't get close to them . But hey "corvette is OP"

Corvettes are not OP, lack of situational awarness is OP , i've seen so many arty players that stay far away from team, get stomped by vette, they again go far away from team , get stomped , they epeat the process and say they quit because game is unbalanced

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-172947) said:

About the minimap, those World of WarX games maps are relatively flat (there are hills and walls, but you cannot go above or under another vehicles) while DN map needs to take care of the Z-Axis. Frankly I don't know how to effectively display that yet.

3d radar

My Tartarus/Tractor Lorica really miss Team Elimination . Purging and then sucking Tacs out of enemy blob was so fun

Why it is always bad MM , hax, unbalanced ships/weapons that are source of defeat?
You should understand that in every online game 2-3 players out of 10 in team are pulling team to victory , others are just meat shields for them .
Maybe you are not the one that is doing something towards victory , and MM is not to blame

good to know , today i tried them more and it looks like they are dealing constant 4500 dmg , 5000 with weapon boost

Short question , after 2-3 months of absence i noticed that my interceptors are not so powerful as they were before . Today i launched them at afk Ceres , 2 x 4650 damage (more or less) no shields involved , same with arty , even when they don't defend against them max i can get is half of their health .

Did i miss some patch notes or there were other changes that affected my interceptors ?


Jutland is made to be hit . If you are not under atack from enemies you are doing something wrong .

I 'd not take out my Jutland if there aren't at least 2 tier 3 tacs or single t4 tac in team .

When they are i tell them that i have adrenaline , stasis pulse and safest place on whole map is beside me . It works most of the time , tacs gather clsoe to me and i can just move forward taking more and more enemy fire away from my team. Only danger is purge, but lets face it , maybe 5% of players use any sort of purge weapons in veteran .

If there are not enough tacs or map is large + it is planetary map i prefer my Lorica with tartarus and light missiles :p

For me Jutland have some limitations , it is not very good ship when enemy team is full of dreads , it make wonders against destroyers or arty , against dreads Lorica+tartarus is far better , or get Vigo and just wreck them outside of their effective range .

As i said before, too much depend on map, game type, enemy team composition and sadly we are limited only to one "best" build