you should have seen it before they added the grind. it was a well balanced nice game. now its just a big mess, and its never going to get fixed. most of the older players left, some hold hope, but meh. i barely touched it myself the last couple of months, there is no point in playing.

its like this carrot in front of you that you will never reach.

oh yes, i also regret buying one of their founder packs, this isnt the game i supported anymore. in fact, the cosmetics i got the pack for i cant even use! they locked it to T5 D;

Silverroth#2631 posted (#post-97599)

without my elite status I would not be able to buy any veteran ships at all (By just playing in veteran mode)

And yes I am sitting in my Dola atm so no dmg comin from my direction to get any points...

I feel for you, that ship is the worst!

The weapon booster pulse can really help your teammates shoot stuff. just stick to a formation and fight together.

dead again

broken again

Odin#5262 posted (#post-96721)

Expect it to change in the near future.They stated they will bring it back to lower tiers too,dont have more information though or the exact date.My guess/hope is open beta realease.

Ok cool, lets hope it will actually happen then. Thanks for the info!

Dear devs,

One of the reasons I bought the founder pack was for the extra variation in hull cosmetics it brought. And now that I finally reached the T4 koshei, it turns out i cant use them.

But the hero ships are all T4, so it makes little sense.

Ship customization is fun, and personalization is too, really, its the one thing that keeps me in this game, the visuals.

It would be nice if this could be corrected. Thank you in advance.


lol that youtube link is so accurate.

The grinding wouldnt be so bad if atleast the ship was viable for its tier. but in this case, it just isnt.

I just wanted to toss that out there, the Dola cant hit anything properly unless you can lick the enemies windshield. It cant move fast enough to do so either. its a sitting duck. and you end up at the bottom of the match most of the time, unless there is superb teamplay, which cant be expect on a PUB match.

I just wanted to play a Koshei healer (which i played pre-shipyard), and the whole grind to get it is just ridiculous, more so then many other paths. for example, you have to unlock less modules to unlock a harwich!

its almost at a point where I'm just not feeling like playing anymore. at least make every ship I have to go through somewhat viable to use...

Tweak its stats, pretty please with cream on top?

matchmaking died too, so i guess its down?