I have been trying to get this trophy for awhile now. I was wondering 1. I played in onslaught and killed 1 player and two assult ships with the same nuke but the trophy didnt pop. Does this have to be players only?

  1. If it is players only, anyone have suggestions on how to get it?!

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-201741) said:

If any of you experience crashes, could you please provide the following information. What game mode you were in, what fleet you were in, and what ship you were using if possible? It will help us track down these crashes a bit better.

Veteran Fleet > Otranto > Team Deathmatch - Crashed at end of round 2:00 am central
Veteran Fleet > Otranto > Team Deathmatch - Crashed at end of round 2:08 am central Kappa Base
10 minute match making between rounds
Veteran Fleet > Otranto > Team Deathmatch - Round completed no crash 2:32am central Ryugu Haven round lost
Veteran Fleet > Otranto > Team Deathmatch - Dry Dock completed no crash 2:48 central (forgot map name) round won

If I wasn't already loving the game itself this is one I would walk away from in heart beat due to the constant crashes, the trophies not popping (2 kills in under a second isnt easy and mine didnt pop), and the fact that Team Elimination matches result in excessive wait times between matches (30 minutes or more after 11:00 pm central) I really enjoy the game which is why I keep coming back and I hope you guys are successful in fixing these issues. Also I am not sure that the play 25 matches per game mode is working properly. I have over a 127 matches completed, and while I lose a fair amount of time, I am sure that I have hit it with at least team elimination and onslaught. A tracker in the stats page would be helpful for any trophy that is cumulative to see if progress is actually being made and what it is currently sitting out. With the frequent number of crashes I have to wonder if it records properly after a match is over. It would be helpful to see the tracker accumulate for number of games one per each game mode, the number of kills with secondary weapons, number of kills in team deathmatch, number of kills in a squad. Obviously stability of the game is most important, but I really want to see trackers on the other things to ensure that other components of the game are working properly as well.

Keep up the hard work.

Post patch, I am still seeing numerous crashes, and have sent in several reports on them through PSN in attempts to help out. The matchmaking times on game modes (team elimination) are unacceptably long, i was working on something else and let the game stay in queue, 4 games that i tried to start back to back took a minimum of 52 minutes to get into a match and after 3+ hours waiting for the next one i gave up. I have screen shots if you dont believe me. The other major concern i have is the team elimination trophies on ps4. They currently show at a 0.0% of people who have earned them, which means either the trophies are also glitched, or there are not enough people able to get into games to earn them. If you wait more than 10 minutes to get a match in a mode, they should just start up with AI (yes i know that it would be way more fun to have live players, and that the AI is full of issues) however it would be way better to play the mode than just watch a timer increment. I really do enjoy this game, but the constant crashing, and excessive match making times are killing my enjoyment immensely.

First: Really fun game, love the concept and am really enjoying playing.
Second: The game is crashing every other match or every 3rd match consistentantly which is killing my drive to keep going. Also Team Elimination mode I was in queue for over 20 minutes, you may want to consider adding AI versions of gamemodes so that they can all be played even if there aren't enough players. It makes it impossible to get a platinum trophy on the game if I cant play it which is really frustrating.
Third: Would love to see this game come to psvr, but i am sure that isnt very likely.

Please fix the crashing bug and make it so that we have the legitimate opportunity to get a platinum in your game.

Thank you for your attention in these matters.